Hot and cold feeling at the same time?!

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with RR in December last year. I don’t know if I have completely lost the plot but I have been feeling so weird the last couple of days as though I am really hot AND really cold at the same time?! I just can’t figure out if I’m warm or cold! I’m getting changed about 4 times a day. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? It’s very strange so any replies would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Beth.

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Yeah, I get odd hot/cold sensations. I think they are very similar and easily confused, and numbness is often interpreted by the brain as being caused by cold. All very confusing.

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I can have one foot feeling like ice and one burning. Or a part of me go from burning to freezing with minutes. I think its just one of the joys of MS. At least you can’t say the list of symptoms are boring and repetitive.

Take care


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I am so glad I found that other feeling the same odd way…

I sweat over the minimal tasks and get boiling hot…

I sit with the fan on me as i rest… when i move to turn off the fan i start to burn up again… it seems to come up like a warm wind from my chest and i heat up… grrrrrr

well hopefully i will save on my heating bills this winter… hee hee :wink:

yup. not the whole body, but feet / legs / hand can feel so cold it burns. or just feels like it is on fire. but the skin colour and actual temperature are perfectly normal.

just another bit of neurological miscommunication. i try not to worry about it, unless actually on fire of course… but that doesn’t happen too often.

Hi Beth, my wife has hot and cold feelings, but I don’t think its M.S.How can I find out more, should I be in another discussion on here .If so, where would I look please?