Hot and Cold...

Ive just ran my daughters bath for her.

Now to me the water felt hot to my hand so I added more cold water as she dont like a hot bath.Several times I added more cold as it still felt hot to me…

Turned the taps off and the water still feels a little warm to me.

However my child has complained the water is now to cold.


Is this an MS trait or not?


Hello Charlie,

I am sure that this is an MS trait, as I can touch HOT surfaces and I don’t notice for several seconds, but then I am jolted into pulling my hand away.

Take care,


Thankyou Moira,I also touch something hot and for a few seconds do not feel the heat then ouch I am burnt.

Gosh MS does mess with us so?

Oh boy just another thing to add to the forever growing list of symptoms?


Hi Charlie,

Good old MS I’m afraid - was one of my first symptoms in hands and feet. I check the temp with my elbow or put hand in to wrist level - which can be dangerous if it’s to hot!

Get a bath thermometer from a chemist very cheap and very useful.

Jen x

Good idea Jen.

Its the same when I do the dishes,the water feels fine and warm then a few seconds later I am jumping with the heat,its red hot.

Yet an icey day I feel to hot and walk around in a T-shirt n jeans.

I certainly do need to test water before I jump in or before I wash the dishes.

Thankyou Jen.


Hi Charlie. Definetly MS!! I have burns all up my arms that look like Im into self harming,( Im not!!) I too sleep out of the covers even when its minus whatever, cos I get so hot! Mad thing is though, sometimes I am freezing, even when I shouldnt be, oh the joys this MS brings!!! Tracey xx

Tracey the heat and sweating terrible at night I know only to well,The covers get drenched in sweat,now I dont bother having the quilt dried cleaned all the time It is cheaper to replace it every few months.

Again summer time I can be freezing cold and go numb.Below zero tempratures I can be sweating and over heating.

Eeeeeeshhhhh we have some crazy feelings or lack of.


I do think this MS likes to have a laugh with us Charlie!! Everythings back to front!! Nevermind at least we know we are not alone!! Tracey xx

You are so right Tracey I think it pokes us with a pointy stick too then mocks us…

Oh we are never alone.


I definitely do this - I thought it was normal!

yup! i have a faulty thermostat in my body. same as all the replies.

we are not alone.

carole xx

Strange though very strange.


hi everyone i to will be too warm or too cold hands and feet are bad;it is ms all over what a joy wear plenty of socks

lol janette

My hands were so cold today they went numb and I could not even type on my keyboard,I filled the sink with hot water and put my hands in.The heat was to much for my wrists.I added even more hot water and pins and needles then happened.I added more hot water.

Then as the pins and needles eased I looke at my hands they were bright red with the heat of the water.Yet my hands did not feel it.Then ouch ouch the hands regained feeling and the warter was darn hot…

How did I not feel the heat it was so hot I was burning but did not realise it?


Charlie, please be careful, it will be easy for you to scald yourself. I don’t have these problems, I think I’m feeling hot and cold ok, although the sole of one foot seems to be more sensitive than the other - not a huge issue.

I think the earlier suggestion of a thermometer to confirm the temperature of the water is a good one. Also, if you can take a shower instead of a bath, that will probably be better for you. OT have provided me with rails and a bath board in my bathroom - I find the bath board especially useful - I sit on it if I need to during my shower, and to get out over the bath when I’m finished, I dry most of me, then lay the towel over the edge so I sit on it, dry the rest of me and then swing my legs out so I can then stand on the towel on the floor. Much safer than trying to step over the bath.

Luisa x

Well it looks like I may not get my bath lift that I realy need after I lost the feeling in my legs and ended up crying pittyfully,not that I was frighten just fed up of being so poorley.

I would of gone to the chemist today for one for my bath and one for my kitchen sink but alas I am to ill to do so.Every day I get worse.

But I will buy some as soon as I feel a little better,they are NOW on my MUST HAVE list.

Is this realy what MS does to us?

I am shocked realy shocked,it again makes me cry to think I could of realy burnt myself badly today.

Does anyone else have this problem on such a bad scale?

I just think My GOD this is crazy,is this realy going to be my life from now on?

I would NOT wish this illness on my worst enemy,not in a million years.


It’s frustrating, but it’s MS - if you’re not feeling up to going out to the shop, can you buy some online? I rarely go to a shop now, everything possible is bought online and delivered. Even before I was ill I hated shopping!

Hopefully the current state of affairs will not be your ongoing life, hopefully it’s just a blip, but nobody can say. You just have to deal with each day as it comes - but please try not to hurt yourself, use your common sense - if there is steam coming off the water, it’s hot, regardless if you can feel it.

L x

I did start to look online as all my shopping is bought online and delivered.

I hope I do get better soon.x

I’m very intolerant to warm weather and often don’t realise I’m cold until my fingers are blue.

I can pick up really hot things without noticing as others have said.

I am so glad I am not imagining this.

But its is a difficult one on how to safegaurd ourselves from this.