Hot water

Happy Easter everyone.

Need advice on what to do,and me being abit daft,not sure.Im getting to the stage where i carnt tell when the bath water or shower is too hot.I got in the bath the other night and nearly scalded myself.I just carnt tell if it hot enough.I know it might be to do with the nerves?Does anyone else have this problem and what do they do.Any help is appreciated.

Thanks Kim x

Hi, can you get somebody to test it for you before you get in,thats the safest way, and dont know if you are aware,but hot baths and showers are really bad for MS they make the symptoms worse for a while, just after i got diagnosed every time i got a bath i couldnt see properly for about 40 minutes and couldnt stand up, then someone on here told me,why.

In the old days thats how they tested for MS the hot bath test.

so try and bathe and shower in water thats not too hot.

jaki xx

Thanks Jaki

I didnt realise hot baths/showers were bad for u.So that is something i have learnt today.Do u have problems with sensory.This has just happened after bout 3 months,still learning new thing regarding ms.

If you go to a baby shop you can buy a plastic duck that quacks if the water is too hot.


Morning, happy Easter to you, I no longer take bath’s, I can’t tell if the water is too hot, my husband has tested it for me, however when I try to get in and the water hits the area around my ankles I can go no further, I feel like my feet are on fire, it makes me go all funny all over, I don’t really no how to describe it, if I get past this stage and sit down within minutes I think the water is cold, when in fact my body is really red all over, so myself and my husband feel it’s best to stick to the shower, however just recently my husband had a shower after me, and when he got out he said in future it might be best for him to set the tempreture as it was too hot, it is to do with the nerve endings, or so my Neuro point out, just be careful, Jean x


I stopped using the bath a few years ago - I couldn’t get out of it once I was in, the heat of the water drained me. To have it at a temperature where it wouldn’t do that meant that it was too cold, so I only have a shower now - I don’t think I have difficulty telling how hot the water is, but I have noticed that the soles of my feet differ in their tolerances - my R foot feels cold/heat more than my L. Not sure what the solution is, but think there are a couple of good ideas already mentioned.

Luisa x

Hi Kim,

I also have this problem and nearly scalded myself one night so we decided better safe than sorry and bought a thermometer that floats in the bath (it’s meant for babys really). It has a digital readout and by trial and error we have found the best temperature for me - if the water is too hot my legs don’t work very well at all when I try to get out, and if it is too cool its just plain uncomfortable.

I would really suggest you get yourself one, they don’t cost much and work really well.


Hiya Kim

I have very little/no sense of temperature. Wetroom was put in last year-my son helped me sort out a suitable temperature for the shower (no.5) and so if it has been moved by someone else I return it to that.

Several months ago I started Peristeen which requires that the water is at body temperature or just above-argh-my first problem without even using the equipment! I tried a normal digital termometer but dropped it several times into the bag of water as have no idea how strongly I am holding something-several ruined thermometers BUT I got a cooks thermometer online-much bigger in size and can rest on the side of the bag. Range on it is minus something to boiling and its digital so easily read. Maybe one could help u too?

Ellie x

Hi, ooh yes, could be nasty.

i know in hospitals they have temperature controls set at a certain level, to avoid scalds.

Why not google the subject and see what comes up.

luv Pollx