Hot baths

Hi just wondered if anyone has had experience of " hot" environment and symptoms? Had hot bath after work as pain etc to neck arm too much today; pins and needles spread down left arm and leg, legs so heavy had to let water out before got out had to pull up to get out, left leg wobbly & L arm weak, lip left side felt like had drooped ( hadn’t) and more wiped out than before! This week my body feels as though under attack, am 42, fell 102! Thanks for listening again

Hi Ally,

My MS Nurse told me that even an 0.5 degree rise in body temperature can exascerbate MS symptoms. I used to love languishing in a hot bath, but I’m afraid 10 minutes is about my limit these days…

Mags x

Yep, I can totally identify with this. I am not dx, but gave up languishing in a hot bath years ago as it made me fill so rubbish. I only shower now, but even this leaves me feeling pretty rubbish these days.

Maybe I should add this to my ever-growing list of symptoms!

Hi, No diagnosis of anything as yet, but first went to Gp Nov 2013 so not long really after reading others accounts. MRI tonight. My manager sent me home today, each day I though was the worst this week but surpassed it today. Was only in office doing audit work but the I wanted to explode with neck pain, left arm/ hand all over place and nil concentration, focus. We are a busy specialist nurse team and hate letting others down, but struggling with all aspects of job at the moment, they have rearranged all things next week so I can have some time off which is a relief. Legs so heavy and painful feet; now home complete exhaustion. My head feels too heavy to hold up! Back to GP tomorrow as neuro referral has not been mentioned yet but will request it. I don’t know what’s going on but is definite nerve related. Think feel worse today as fell out a bit with husband last night I’m irritable and he thinks I’m focusing too much making symptoms worse - I wish people could ’ step inside my body’ to feel what I do! Thank you, this site/everyone is such a help for support even if not dx.

Hot baths and symptoms are typical with msers and heat in general, I can no longer have very hot baths and even just a warm bath makes me feel wiped and I have to have a lay down straight after. Also as a chef working in a hot kitchen is terrible when I get so hot I have to go and stand outside untill I’m cool again, hope you get dx with something soon it only took just under a year for my dx as my first relapse was actually diagnosed as stroke 2nd as migraine and then 3rd they saw inflammation and active lesion. Good luck. Michelle

Not diagonosed but I know that my symptoms are better at night now I have a 4 tog duvet and the windows open, our bedroom is like Siberia lol

It’s called Uhthoff's symptom - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia

My GP asked me if I have a problem in hot bath/ shower at appointment today. She said it was used years ago as diagnostic test for MS before scans etc… I have had episodes this week also in shower which was frightening, could feel water on head, shoulder left side but not temp and skin/head felt very numb to touch noticed on washing. When I think have had problems for 2-3 years in summer and if hot inside area. Flushes, excessive sweating. Nearly went to see about hormone testing as thought was early menopause. I did another hot bath test today just to see - maybe daft but want to know not in my mind. Bad needles in feet and rib pain, when got out had immediate adverse bowel episode too! I won’t test again. Need to concentrate to get well now for return to work.

Hello, I’m going through diagnosis atm, waiting result. Of mri after years of being told fibro. I am finding a bath is great for pain but after I’m shaking, feel like a rush of adrenalin. Like I’m shaking inside is this normal?