Help and Advise please

Hi guys

Sorry for been a pain with yet another post.

I was wondering do any of you get any funny feelings i.e pins and needles and sensations while having a bath.

I was taking a bath the other night when all my legs went red and blotchy and started to itch and i got pins and needles in both legs and my hands.

I have had the red blochy skin before but not this bad but not had the pins and needles and just wanted to know if any one else has had the same problem.

I am seeing the MS nurse tomorrow so will mention it to him.

Also I was wondering if any of you use any sort of massage chair’s or cushions, I am having a problem getting comfy when sitting down pains in my lower back. Does anyone have massages by a beauty therapist.

Clare xx

Hi Clare,

Don’t apologise for posting; that’s what the forums are for!

Yes, many people do experience an increase in symptoms when their body temperature rises, and a typical example is being in a hot bath. Try having the water less warm.

Having said that, I’ve never had the blotchiness, or any outward evidence of having MS. Things hurt and feel strange all the time, but when I examine the affected part, it always looks perfectly normal (because the fault is really in my brain or spinal cord, not in the part that seems to hurt).

I’m no expert, but abnormal appearance of the skin would tend to suggest more of a circulatory issue.


Hi Clare

Sensitivity to heat was something I noticed pretty early on and still whenever I get intpo the bath if the waters too hot or if I sit for long my pins and needles flare up again and my hands become unco-ordinated and numb.

As Tina said never heard of visible blotchiness maybe worth mentioning to your GP or neuro incase it is something else.



Hi Claire, Yes I have lots of tingling,pins and needles when I take a bath, but I try not to have it hot too hot with a shower I don’t have problems, I have always suffered with back pains even before having ms, I find If I keep moving during the day I’m ok but In the morning I ache every wear, I do yoga every day which I find really helpful with ms even though sometimes I don’t feel like doing yoga I always feel so much better afterwards,think with ms you need to find some execise which helps you,but sometimes I find it diffcult to get going!!


Hi Clare

I’m a beauty therapist! come round to mine and i’ll help you! lol! (retired beauty therapist)

I live in Derbyshire!

The massage will help short term for relaxation but it depends if there is an underlying problem.

Do you think it is ms related? neuropathic pain? been overdoing the lifting? had it short term or long term problem?

An osteopath may be able to help you more. I had lower back problem myself a few years ago and i went to see an osteopath. I walked in the room in agony and after 6 sessions my problem had gone. I was amazed.

Had to pay for the treatment obviously but it was well worth the money to get rid of the pain.

Dont appologise for posting - i know you have not been diagnosed long and you will have loads of questions. I was diagnosed 7 years ago and like to help newbies when i can.

Best Wishes

Teresa. x