Symptoms possible MS

Hi all,

First time posting and hoping you can share some experiences/advice.

I’ve got no idea if the symptoms I’m experiencing are indicative of MS or not but the more I read the more it sounds likely.

I’m currently in a lot of pain in my neck/upper back area with pains down my arm. It almost feels like trapped nerves. And like i have a tight band around my forearm. I’ve had constant pins and needles in my left hand and right foot for nearly two months. I get weird tingling sensations in my face/scalp and a specific patch on my back between should blades.

I experience super itchy hot feel at night from time to time, like unbearable itching, and sometimes get the same in my hands too.

These symptoms are becoming a nuisance/so uncomfortable and painful.

My doctor thought it was B12 deficiency. I’ve had comprehensive bloods done and everything is fine.

Now waiting on MRI results on my c-spine but wonder if others have experienced similar and it turn out to be MS?

Can anyone share any tips for managing this/making it more comfortable?

Thanks for reading

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Hi sky hope you are holding in their with all your symptoms. The best bet is to get the mri dun … and see … a nurolgist if you can .if you no somthing isent right .best to go get it checked out. dont hand about hoping it will go away hope you get some answers soon from your mri keep us all posted …and hope you fealing better soon . Rich

Hi SkyBlueCity

Your GP should be able to prescribe something to help deal with the pins/needles issues as this would be simply to deal with the neurological symptom - I was prescribed Gabapentin and Amitriptyline before I was diagnosed with MS.

Hi Rich, thanks for your reply.

Symptoms are still ongoing and feel like they’re getting worse right now, still waiting for MRI results but hopefully not much longer.

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