unexplained symptoms

Hi everyone,

I dont have a diagnosis of ms but have many vague symptoms. One that is concerning me is that if my hands are in hot water they feel odd, almost like they have a mind of their own and detached from what i want them to do. The other is that i have strange sensations at both sides of my spine, its a little like pins and needles but not as obvious.

I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything like this.



hi christine

many of us experience pins and needles and general freaky weirdness.

however this doesn’t mean that you have ms.

as you probably already know there are lots of other conditions which mimic ms.

get your Vit B12 and vit D levels checked as it is incredible what problems a deficiency causes.

have you been seen by a neurologist?

let your gp know of any new symptoms so that it will be entered on your medical records and seen by a neurologist when you see one.

carole xx

I experience this too . Carole put it great 'general freaky weirdness '. I’m undiagnosed at present. I think you should ask your gp about this

kat x

Yes saw a neuro a few weeks ago, im having some tests done soon but i dont think for ms.

Has your doctor/neuro given you any indication of what maybe causing your symptoms?

Hi Christine been told firstly nerve damage , then possible transverse myelitis . Then I got asked what do you think I said Ms and the doc said words to the effect of could be , but could be a virus .