Something weird is going on!

Hello all,

So, yesterday I suddenly had strong pins and needles in both legs as well as prickling sensations in my face. I’d felt ‘off’ all day but these two symptoms were totally new (only usually have numbness and pins and needles in my right leg). Anyway, got an emergency appointment at a walk in doctors as I couldn’t get an appointment at my own surgery and was basically told there was nothing they could do as I was awaiting a neuro appointment. Basically, bog off home and get on with it. Fine. Went home, went to bed, rested, slept.

Woke up this morning feeling ropey again, feeling more off balance than usual and tired. Came to bed about 7pm, so rock and roll, and feel really weird again. My little finger on my right hand feels really odd… sorry, I know words like ‘odd’ and ‘weird’ aren’t very helpful. It feels like it’s numb but it’s not?? And my right arm feels weaker than usual. I’ve also got prickling in my face again and tingling in my chin.

My normal symptoms are still there, but these new ones are concerning me. I don’t know what to do to help them ease. Obviously it’s pointless going to the doctors as there’s nothing they can do, but I really don’t want to ‘ride it out’ as the Gp said last night.

Any thoughts?

I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m frightened but I feel a little trapped as to what to do.


hi jay

make a note of all your symptoms, kind of like a timeline so when you get to see a neuro you will have the basis of what you need to discuss.

weird doesn’t even begin to describe ms symptoms!

you couldn’t make it up mostly

GPs don’t like to get involved when you are waiting to see a specialist.

once your neuro advises them as to what they can do for you, it will change.

carole x

Hi Carole,

I’ve been making notes and have added these to the list. I feel terrible right now, I daren’t even move to go to the loo!!

Thank you for your advice, it helps sometimes just to explain how you are feeling to someone.

Jay x

My GP couldn’t help either she was ever so lovely and did organise a head only MRI but she said I’m completely unqualified to give you indications etc. I made notes which I took when I met with my neuro in November which he really appreciated as I wrote them in chronological order plus I get forgetful so it was good to have them written down. He suspects RRMS based on small lesions on brain MRI , symptoms and noted brisk reflexes in my weakened side. Currently awaiting confirmation test of spine MRI and VEP.

all the best

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