HOT !!

Hi all not dx yet first neuro on 25th BUT is it normal for symptoms to get worse with heat ??? And seems to be worse "fighting " symptoms too ?? Advise you be appreciated please soooo fed up now I can’t seem to get words out all confused and terrible pain in my arm and neck ( could be because of the twitching ??)


Yes, it’s very common (but not universal) for MS symptoms to be aggravated by heat. That, in itself, doesn’t prove it’s MS - I expect lots of illnesses are worse in extreme temperatures. But you’re not alone. It is “normal”. The Everyday Living board (mostly made up of diagnosed people, but there’s nothing to stop you going there) has been full of people moaning about it, these past few days.



Thank you TIna , it’s hard enough never mind heat making it worse !!! ( whatever it is ???) x

I’m not diagnosed either but yes I’m suffering more. Have been staying indoors as much as possible :frowning:

Sharon x


i have no dx but i am finding the heat is making some symptoms worse. i am keeping the sun out of the room im in by drawing the curtains most of the way and tepid showers are helping.

lorraine x x