just had a super hot sauna

with lavender salts in. heaven in a hot tub or what!

Lucky you, thats the way to spend a saturday night


i spend most nights in a hot sauna. heat the hotter the better, hot showers hot baths hot saunas hot weather. it’s amazing how heat helps!

And do you believe this proves anything?

I’ve just had a very hot bath too. I do so most nights, and most mornings. Not everyone with MS is heat-sensitive.

I also find heat helpful for the aches and pains, and especially the cramps.


no but like u said it just really helps. it’s soothing, relaxing boosts wellbeing.

i’m jealous!

i havent had a bath for 4 years, ever since i collapsed after one (falling against the door which burst open and my poor son was treating to his naked mum at his feet- he’s ok and didnt need counselling)

i’ve had a few hydrotherapy sessions and the pool water is warm but not as hot as my bath.

carole x