Cold / wet back sensation


I was just wondering if anyone could relate to thing or knew if it was something that people with MS got or not. My back (top half, central area close to the spine) is freezing cold - it kind of like it’s wet, like my wet hair is dangling down on it. I have 2 tops on, one a thick jumper, and am huddled underneath my duvet, so it’s not because I’m actually cold, aside which I don’t have this sensation elsewhere on my body. Is this something anyone can relate to? Thanks,


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our internal thermostats are affected by MS.

once i start to feel a bit cold I have to put more clothes on or preferably get into bed.

just as i start to feel pleasantly warm I get a sudden feeling of being too hot!

and so it goes on and on and on…

My temperature control and my bladder annoy the tits off me!

Years ago I used to get a hot wet sensation in my left foot while standing washing the dishes and another odd time it felt as if I’d peed myself slightly to the top of my left leg again.

As well as hot nerve pain I get cold and when this happens it feels like cold water is running through my arm and leg, really cold, such a strange feeling and like catwoman carol said, it’s our thermostate that’s affected.

Jean x

Used to get it on my legs

Told my neuro and he said it is known as wet legs

Pretty common


One of my very first symptoms before being diagnosed was if I touched areas on my body with something cold, like a spoon run under a cold tap it actually felt very very hot.

100% agree that our internal thermostats are effected by MS.

Even the slightest rise in temperature brings on or makes my MS symptoms worse, and also a drop in temp will bring on a sudden robotic stiffness.

Google Uhthoff’s Syndrome, it’s a common phenomenon with MS.

Apparently even small changes such as 0.5 degree F change in temps can effect our MS.

Wow - I didn’t realise such a little change in temperature could affect our MS. It actually explains a lot.

Thank you all for your replies!


Hiya Comet,

My name is Sandra, I live in Scotland.

I’ve been diagnosed with MS for nearly 30 years… (my child was 4 months old, almost 29 soon).

Was told by my MS nurse that I wasn’t describing an MS related symptom.
This has been going on since Sept/Oct 23, finally managed to get an appointment with neurologist… (15 May 24I feel like I’m totally soaked through & water is falling from everywhere, it started that it was my back was :cold_face:, almost in an oval shape across my back…

My tablet, (small laptop) will be coming with me on Wednesday, even just to prove I’m not imagining this horrendous feeling & I’m NOT the only one feeling it…

I’ve read all of the other comments, but they’re based on heat rather than cold/wet feeling…

I described it “as being a cartoon character, that had a constant rain shower above your head!!”.

Does that make sense to you???

Kindest regards,