Damp Legs


Firstly I’d quickly like to thank all who replied to my post yesterday titled Hello! It was nice to have people who understand me.

I was wondering if anyone had ever experienced the feeling of having Damp legs when they haven’t?

I have been getting this quite often during the night, i wake up and feel as if my legs are damp!

I have a new mattress which is memory foam and wondered if it was something to do with that or my MS? Saying that though i experienced it after sleeping on the sofa too…strange

Thanks Boo xx

Yep I get the damp legs thing too. Often feels like my clothes are damp or I’ve wet myself. Pretty normal for MS sorry to say.

Do you find the memory foam mattress very hot to sleep on? I had one for 4 years and eventually got rid of it as so hot! Although I understand that some of the newer ones have a cooling system on top. Anyway, being hot can of course make MS symptoms worse so wondered if that might be a factor.

My legs often feel hot, wet and swollen. Not nice.

Pat x

Hi Boo,

I’ve never had a damp leg feeling but I definitely had Sweaty Betty with a memory foam mattress. I would wake up not with a damp “feeling” but actually coated in perspiration. Since moving I now have a normal sprung mattress with a feather toper. I wondered if the topper would cause the same problem but it doesn’t seem to.

But yours is not real dampness just another of those phantom MS feelings. It’s hard to hold onto reality when your body feels cold in a room at 24 degrees, feels like a hair is brushing your cheek when there’s nothing there etc etc. My favoutite is feeling as though I’m dribbling when I’m not and not feeling like I’m dribbling when I am!


Hi Boo,

I have experienced this, even thinking my legs are soaking wet when they’re not!


I have had patches of this, yes. Very disconcerting. Alison x

-the damp bum is the worst, I used to keep checking. We often get weird and wonderful sensations, all to do with ms doing its thing. I often get the odd fingers which really hurt, strange I know but then next day theyre usually back to normal?

Hope your damp leg sensation soon goes back to normal. Anything weird is usually the nerves telling our brains conflicting messages.



Thanks for all the replys!

I do think it has something to do with my legs getting hot with this mattres…One night i jumped out of bed thinking i had wet myself but thankfully hadn’t!

Will have to put up with it for now i guess, new blooming matress…GGRRRRRRR

Boo xx