Well this is new......

Hey, I’m sure the heat isn’t helping but oh my, my body is just not working properly. The bottom half of my legs just feel so heavy and my calf muscles are really tight. My right foot seems to want to ‘bend’ to the left at times as well when walking. My right hand just feels odd as well. It keeps shaking hard at times when holding things (feel like I could drop a glass etc). I guess overall I don’t feel like I have full control of my legs and hand. My MS Nurse was cool and said its annoyingly just an MS thing. I was just a bit scared as I returned to work on a phased return on Thursday after bad relapses since March. I shall just be taking lots of cool showers and not overdoing things. Random though :slight_smile: L x

me too L, my ms is really niggling away at the moment,im sure its all this stormy weather and humidity,i am having really bad nerve pains in between my shoulder blades,really painfull,cant breathe properly or move properly for it,

humidity seems to affect me quite a lot.

J x

Hello :slight_smile: me too, MS playing right up with this heat. Me head feels like it’s on fire :s x

Bed with the fan on…heaven! Hopefully the humidity will start to drop now :slight_smile: L x

Good luck on Thursday Star1981, sure you will be fine. This heat is bad isnt it. I hate it, actually all of your symptoms above i can relate to. Worse thing too is the constant need to go to the loo lol. Its irritated my bladder for some reason. x

my knees feel weird as though they arent properly connected.

like a puppet! i have no strings to hold me down…

carole x