Is this a bad 'flare up'? Can anyone help

Hi everyone

Hope you’re all as well as can be :wink: I feel really terrible and wonder if anyone can shed some light on why I suddenly feel this way. My walking and leg pain are my main symptoms but over the last few weeks it has got so much worse. I was given an elbow crutch but can’t use it cos my balance is awful. I always feel worse in the morning but i don’t get much relief as the day goes on. We have had warm, clammy weather which probably hasn’t helped but we had the same last summer and I felt fine!

I was dx in 2007 when I was 31. I’m now nearly 38 and feel twice my age! I’m just hoping it’s not progression. Can anyone get me out of this 'black hole? I’ve just not felt this bad and want to know what could have triggered this off.

Sorry to be such a misery guts! Thanks.

Helen xx

Hi Helen.
Sorry to read you are feeling so down!
I also suffer with “heat sensitivity” as part of the myriad of peculiarities that make up my MS.
Up until a few years ago I had no or little problem dealing with hot climates (I used to work all over the World in some pretty hot and humid places) for my job.
Then about 7 years ago I did a short summer stint in Saudi Arabia (2 weeks) and by the time I got back I was a mess!

My point is it is a common symptom of MS and something most of us have to deal with!
Even taking a hot shower makes me feel “wobbly” now.
Only your Neuro can tell you if it is likely to be a flair up.

Just remember you are not alone!

Take Great Care!

Yes I agree with steve, the heat, though its not as hot as I used to like, got back from Marbella couple weeks ago, and can hardly walk round the house without holding the walls furniture etc, lets hope it passes, my nuro has put me on steroid 15 day treatment so keeping fingers crossed, daughters wedding about 2 weeks. Doh