Feeling rotten

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is well, does anyone else feel agitated with the heat? This past couple of days I have felt dreadful…Bless my family they cope really well, its so hard for them because I cannot be bothered to do anything.Even going to the supermarket kills me!!!

Because I have stopped driving I have to wait for my husband to come in from work so I can go out, I dont go out without my husband or one of my children. I have not been dx, but I have most of the MS symptoms. I feel so tired as well, and find doing small tasks really hard to do.


hi jan

yes the heat makes a lot of us suffer. all energy drained leaving me like a wet rag.

you sound like you’re having a hard time. how far from diagnosis are you?

hopefully you’ll feel better once you can start a treatment.

meanwhile have you considered LDN? lots of people with ms swear by it. its not available on the NHS but only costs £20 per month.

also HBOT is good if its available near you. look for your nearest ms therapy centre - they might offer it.

i’m racking my brains trying to think of things that can help before diagnosis.

are you getting DLA? if not try applying, get help from CAB.

take care, rest up and try to stay cool

carole xxxxxxx


You shouldnt feel guilty, I do like you do, wait until my son can go shopping with me. We go out together lots, I wouldnt dare on my own if I had things to carry, or end up stuck somewhere.

Im sure your family love you very much. Its this humid weather which is making you feel like you do. Once it cools down youll start to feel more on a level and cope better.

Please dont beat yourself up, you are not alone.



Hi I have been off work 9mths, and out of them 9mths I think I have had only a few weeks were I have felt fine.

Had MRI yesterday, so 2weeks for results!!! Its the timescale that gets you, all the waiting around. I get ESA, would I beable to apply for DLA?

Dont know much about benefits or anything, thanks to you both for getting intouch, it helps when you know someone out there understands .

Take care, and I am sat near a wide open window, phew!!! lol

Jan xx

Hi Jan, sorry you feel so bad, I’m not too bothered by the heat and I’m in Scotland but even to me, at the moment, it feels like we need a good thunderstorm to clear the air. Hang in there, it will cool down. Back to dla, I think making a claim needs to be your first priority now, especially since the process takes ages. Dla is payable whatever else you claim and even if you work. Cheryl:-)