Hot weather

Good Morning. Feeling annoyed, scared and angry and sorry for myself these last few days.

Does anyway else ever feel like that? I feel like Ms has sneaked up on me and stolen my life.

l am new diagnosed to Ms despite having symptoms on and off for six years.

l am a single Mom and work full time.

I have been off work for six months and now back on rehab programme. I work as mortgage underwriter so need to be full alert to do my job.

I am awaiting to see if l can go on Dml tysobri, my bloods have been in a Denmark for 4 weeks awaiting to be tested.

l had major attack six months ago,which has left me only able to walk and drive distances . I won’t go anywhere l don’t know due to mobility issues. This latest attack has left me unable to work, run a home or even socialise properly.

Hot weather has enchanced my Ms symptoms these last few days. Does anyone else feel like that?

I suppose my question is does what l write hit a chord with anyone?

I am sick of hearing phrases “You look well” and " God ever gives you more than you can handle". Lol x

hi keels

oh yes all that certainly resonates with me.

i feel like such a miserable cow saying i hate this heatwave but i do because it makes me feel like a wet rag.

it makes me sad because at one time i’d be on my sunlounger with a jug of gin and tonic!

even worse i can’t even enjoy alcohol, although i do try!

to be honest i think you need to cut yourself some slack.

single mum, career and everything anyone could want, but you are still setting yourself too much to achieve.

you don’t need to quit your job but take advice from access to work and see what adaptations would make it easier for you.

take all and any help offered by friends and family.

running a home - well housework can take a back seat, believe me the world doesn’t come to an end if you quit dusting and hoovering.

tell yourself well done for managing so far.

think of all the strength you’ve shown so far and believe that you’re still that strong person.

carole x

Hi Carole,

Thank you so much for your reply your kind words have had me in tears.

I love a good g & t too…and sunbathing with a good book. I think I will probably need to find some other vices now. Lol.

l guess with Ms l need to accept it as an unwelcome relative who pops in Christmas to say hi. God it’s hard though l really want them to go home.

At this stage l am still annoyed l can no longer go dancing or wear heels. My girls would say l couldn’t dance before l was ill though ha ha. I do realise that sounds incredibly spoilt though.

I do hope that once they start me on Tysabri it will help.

l realise on reflection l am so used to living life on a treadmill and on a fast pace before l was ill. Does that make sense? x

Hi Keels,

I know exactly how you feel and it bloody sucks! I was used to running round 16 hours a day trying to sort kids, work, home etc etc plus trying to occasionally have a social life and now I cant drink and can barely walk back to the car from the pub - well some things never change!!

Everything changes and I dont know if its just me but I am constantly nervous about what will happen next and if I will be able to trust my body again.

You’ve just got to keep plodding but every once in a while let yourself have 5 minutes to have a mope and then get your butt back up and plod on again. We will all find a way to cope and have fun again… says the optimist!

Thank you to Everyone for taking the Time to reply to me.

l am so sorry l haven’t replied sooner l haven’t been very well last few days.

It’s Sunday afternoon l haven’t been up all day as my legs feel like jelly today? Does this resonate with anyone.

My happy news for today as l have found out today if l go to the theatre l can take one person free as my carer.

So l am taking Mom to see The Rod Stewart Story in November.

Does everyone else know this? X