Afternoon everyone, hope you’re all doing ok, I’m not sure what’s going on with me at the moment, I have SPMS, and too be honest I don’t really do to bad, but for the last fortnight I haven’t felt right, so what are you’re thought’s, I’ve decided to go to see my optician tomorrow because things in and around my right eye which is my worst just don’t feel right, I feel like I’ve got something in it most of the time, but theres nothing, a dull heavy feeling, feels a times like the eyeball is too big for the socket slight pain which goes into the back, but no visual disturbance, then on moving my head to the right my neck hurts like the muscle is too tight, and then down the right side both my arm and leg are really numb, and if that wasn’t enough my balance is rubbish, even with my stick, and my fatigue is alot higher than normal, can’t do to much without being done in, I’ve spoken to my MS nurse but she didn’t really have alot to say, any advice would be good, take care, Jean x

Hi Jean, has it been hot where you are?

My symptoms are bad right now and a lot of MSers find heat… esp this humid heat… a killer. Fatigue and eyes particularly bad.

Hope you’re feeling better soon,

Pat x

thanks for you’re reply Pat, yes it has and still is, but not for the full 2 wks that this has been going on, so I’ll see what he has to say tomorrow, take care, Jean x

Hi Jean,

Im sorry your not feeling quite yourself. Ive had similar symptoms as you then theyve gone away after a few weeks. Sometimes we think we are relapsing and we are, but then other times the heat can bring on weird symptoms too. Ive had lots of pins and needles and numbness appear when the temperature drops below 20oc too. Again I thought it a relapse.

I hope you get answers and soon bounce back to normal. Its not nice feeing not oneself.

take care and look after yourself.



Thanks Bren, it’s so nice that we all look out for each other, the support network is so important, I go to the optician at 9 so I’ll just take it from, just trying to aliminate things before I either see my GP or MS nurse, I’ve had my urine tested, no infection so this is just the next step, take care, Jean x