urgent help please im freaking out :(

Hi all want to bed fine last night and have woke up feeling a little strange and as the morning has gone on i am losing feeling down my left side , my face arm and leg im so scared and in a right state and need to calm down :frowning: please help x x

Hello Kizzy,

I’m sorry to read of your MS troubles. The first thing you should do is try and relax. Do some deep and slow breathing, and take some time out. Perhaps you did a lot yesterday and that is why you have these unexplained symptoms. You could even have a cold on its way, as this always gives my MS the ru around. Try not to worry, as MS is forever surprising us.

Take care,


Thanks Moira , im trying to stay calm but im getting my self in such a state im just worried whats coming next im so scared :frowning: im used to the relapses but not being the whole of my left side :frowning: x x x

Hi kizzy Just wanted to send some support. It can be scary when you get new symptoms especially when they effect you so much. Hopefully you will get more messages of support so you don’t feel alone. It is horrible when you collect loads of new problems all together but hopefully they will ease off again with time. Sending a ((hug)) Mish x

Thanks Mish ive calmed down slightly its come on so sudden , everybody else when writing a post about symptoms and relapses always come across so strong , wish i Could be more like that instead of miss panic :frowning: x x x

Oh it effects us all so differently and when things are new especially, it’s only natural to wonder how bad things will get. Sometimes things ease off and aren’t as bad as you think and other times they are worse. MS is such a waiting game. Last march I lost use of my right hand my fingers curled up and wouldn’t move lost all co-ordination for writing etc etc but once I got dx I was so relieved I just excepted it and thought oh well better just get on with it then. However since Christmas I have had a mild case of ON in right eye and now probably nystagmus effecting my left eye and I hate it, and am really worrying it will get worse. I guess my point is even if some folk do seem strong, I think we all have some symptoms we fear getting. Lets face it the list can get quite long. It would be lovely if we could always hope for the best but our emotions don’t always let us unfortunately. Do you have an ms nurse or someone you can contact to talk about your new symptoms? Stay strong I bet you are stronger than you think : ) Mish x

hi kizzy,

i don’t blame you for freaking out at all - i can imagine how scary it feels. before my diagnosis i went to bed fine (ish) and woke up with blurred binocular double vision. having always had perfect eyesight i was pretty scared. i went to see my doctor and he said that this, along with the other things i had wrong with me at the time - numbness, tingling, dificulty walking etc, meant he was putting me forward for an urgent brain scan. i was really scared by this as he mentioned ms and my dad already had ms and was registered blind as a result. thankfully, although i have now got the ms diagnosis, my eyesight has returned to normal. i guess what i’m trying to say is that it is understandable to feel fear, that we’re not all strong and unfazed by what is thrown at us, and that not all of these horrible symptoms will be lasting.

big hugs to you that this soon passes on and that in the meantime you find ways of coping with it xxx

Hi, Try to stay calm and rest. That is exactly what happened to me last year which led to diagnosis. Went to bed fine woke up gradually losing the feeling from my foot up as the day went on. All you can do is rest, rest, rest!! I know how frightening it is, maybe phone your MS nurse and leave a message for them. Sorry I’m not great with advice because this is all really new to me just wanted to try and reassure you that it has happened to me and you are not on your own. C xx

Thanks so much everyone im so much calmer now i think it was just the initial shock for it to come on over night . No change though still all numb especialy the bottom of my foot and left leg so im walking pretty odd slapping my foot down as i go . Just hope it goes super quick as i have my sisters wedding on friday :confused: . I really do need to learn to keep calm though as getting myself in a state just makes things seem 100 times worse. Thanks x x x