Anyone had this?

My left eye has been feeling sore/strained and blurry and i havent felt right for a few days. Last night in bed i woke up feeling like i couldn’t get a proper breath for a second and my head was weird. I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep but had weird feelings and thoughts racing through my head. How do you differentiate between anxiety and worry and m.s symptoms. I don’t know if i am causing these feelings because my eye has felt inflammed and i am worrying its a relapse or it’s all part of it.

I really have no answers for what you are experiencing, Zipster, but you sound so worried and upset at what is going on that maybe you should have a chat with your GP about how you are feeling.

You have a Neuro appointment coming up fairly soon, don’t you? Maybe your GP could try and get it brought forward as you are experiencing new or relapsing symptoms.


Thanks purpledot, i feel such a whinge because i know alot of people are worse off than me.

I don’t know when my follow up neuro apt will be. I don’t think he will rush because the LP was clear. I don’t want to worry and panic everytime i get symptoms back.

Hi I have not got a dx yet but I get the same thing as you but only when I get really mad or stressed my legs go really weak aswell its a sit down or fall down thing

Hi Stress is not going to help, but how to stop worrying is so hard, I’m waiting on my MRI scan to see if I have ms or not, 6 weeks ago I woke up with double vision n when I look far to the left n right my eyes wobbly back n fourth. I got this funny breathing thing going on that I need take deep breath in but sometimes I can’t get enough air in n feels tight… Hope u feel better soon