New symptoms

Hi all, I’ve been on rebif for a year now and well on it. However last few days legs have felt achy and I’ve some new sensory patches of odd feelings. However I feel well in myself except worrying this could be indicating a relapse. I don’t however feel like I’m relapsing. Very odd. Could it be the humidity that’s causing this. My legs don’t feel any weaker in the sense of lifting them and ive been checking that by doing small exercises. I did do a pilates class last week which was mainly working the legs too so maybe that could have added to it. Maybe I’m worrying and these are just symptoms of the m.s. Xxx

It’s interesting to read your post. I too have new sensory symptoms - including a numb patch inside my left ear that comes and goes - yet don’t feel as though I’m heading for a relapse. Maybe it is the heat / humidity, in which case 2 weeks in Cyprus might not be the best medicine. Oh dear.

I am wondering if it’s the heat. Difference with Cyprus is the heat is different to here. Over here its sticky heat and humid. So hopefully you’ll be okay. I’ve always been fine abroad hun. X

Hi Lisa

That’s the part I hate about MS - wondering if something is/isn’t a relapse? Sometimes I’ve found that with rest (never easy to find the time for that!), things will improve.

Perhaps you could ring your nurse just to get it logged on your records at least, maybe he/she can put your mind at rest, and then play the waiting game? I sometimes jot notes in my diary so if it does get worse then I can say exactly when and how it started. At last year’s review with my neuro my diary came in really handy as I had details of my relapses because I had done just that. I wouldn’t have had a hope of remembering the dates and detail 6 months later without it …

Hope you feel better soon

Tracey x

I have emailed her Tracey. It’s.very odd. Leg feels like it would a little in relapse yet is still as strong…just tested it with some light Pilates/physio exercise inc balance and was fine. It felt worse earlier, funnily enough I was in a.very hot office! I’m probably panicking a bit too as I’ve only been on the rebif a year and if I was to relapse now would be worried about how effective this is? And very worried about my future. I’m a very positive person but we get reminders of this disease don’t we regardless how positive we are. Hope your well Hun xxxxx