Night sweats?!

Anyone else here with MS wake up in pools of their own sweat everytime they fall asleep?! I gotta go back to GP soon as my pillow is always soaked!! Eww!!

Yep that’s me. I bought a “chillow” gel filled thing to put on top of your pillow and it does seem to help. Doesn’t last all night though, I really need two so I can swap it out when it stops being cool. I also swapped my duvet for a 4 tog and this has helped too. Jane

Hi, I go through phases where I can go to bed cold and then wake up a couple of hours later absolutely boiling hot. As I’m very heat sensitive this isn’t great if I need to get up to go to the loo as my walking is rubbish. We bought a ceiling fan a few years ago for the bedroom and I think it’s the best money we’ve ever spent. It tends to be on all night, particularly in this weather. My 11 year old asked me yesterday if we could get one for the lounge! Heather

SNAP - My G.P. has NO Solution and two of his OWN relations have MS! (He is psychologically prepared should he ‘contract’ MS as well). I hate the sweats - it never seems to end! Marcus. :wink:

I have been blaming menopause for the sweats but is it also an MS thing? I wake up absolutely wringing wet all over. Have =to change PJs etc. Every part of me will be wet and it can be sheets of water not just a fine dew… Belinda

The caricature software should have been :frowning: and not :wink:

Thanks, Belinda - I don’t feel so ‘MUCH ON MY OWN, NOW!’ Best of luck. Marcus.

I’ve been having night sweats for a while now, so glad to hear I’m not alone too! Think it’s worse around my period. my hair is some sight when I get up! x

Hi Sue ! Yes I get horrible night sweats too ! Trouble is, I also get terrible “day sweats” I constantly feel very hot and sweaty. Been putting it down to the menopause but, as it’s all the time, I’m not so sure anymore :cry: Seb x

Hi. I have been getting very bad sweaty nights for sometime, since am in limbo still and was put on medication I was always thinking it was medication related, but when I read the med leaflet their was no mention of sweats in the side affects but I still put it down to the med’s. So it’s Weird reading this thread that all you’s suffer from this sweating, it seems the more I sweat the more tired I wake up in the morning very dehydrated as well.

i’ve had this on and off for years and have never been able to see a pattern with it … it’s MS? i just thought i was weird. i’ve never read anything about night sweats and MS before … except this post! does anyone know more about it? kk

I’m not diagnosed but I’ve had night sweats for years since my symptoms started. I finished the menopause years ago and I still get them. I don’t sweat under my arms any more though. I’ve also found when I need to have a bowel movement or my bladder is full I get these sweats. I feel it’s the autonomic system going haywire. Years ago I was on another forum and they did a poll on night sweats and it was surprising how many people got them, We fitted a ceiling fan in our bedroom about ten years ago, it does help. Jacqui xx

Wow thanks for all the replies!! I’ve beeing having his happen for about 3 years now. It’s only on occasion that I wake up dry these days!! I also have a ceiling fan but my girlfriend hates it :frowning: … My GP said my body might be struggling to enter one of the sleep stages (probably full REM which is when cell repair takes place…), so is stressed and sweats lots. He thinks it is MS related as my immune system might be confused with the task of so much cell repair to undertake so freaks out?! As it happens I toook 2 painkillers last night as my feet are stinging so much (worse after the weekend heat!), which knocked me out real good… No sweaty pillow this morning. I’m obviously not recommending routinely doing this at all!!! But maybe my GP has a point as I probably fell into REM quite quick last night due to the heat and codiene!! K

I’m the same feel like i have wet myself at times. Then if it wakes me up then i have to have a wee then the telly goes on! I am then wide awake no wounder i need a nap during the day. Is there anything you can take? it happens to me during the day at times,if i have a shower then dry my hair and get dressed by the end of it my hair is wet through again. Tracy x

I have been having night sweats for a couple of years, before being diagnosed. I too use a fan at the bottom of the bed but it’s not always enough. I sleep with a towel sometimes over the top of the pillow. Tony

Has anyone used a Cool Pad/and or Chillow Pillow? I’m the same, found this website, and wondered if they worked?

I get horrible night sweats tto and worse around my period, is this the case with lots of woman who have ms?


thanks for the replies, thought i was going mad at the weekend, when i had to leave my mother in laws as she had the heating on , thought i will search here and guess what found that i am not going mad


I get this Trish. If I visit friends then they always turn the heating off and get the fan out. I have had this since diagnosis 10 years ago.

Keep cool.

Shazzie xx