Night Sweats???? MS or other cause???

Does anyone here have what i can only describe as very frustrating and annoying

i often including in winter get night time sweating. i can wake up in middle of night pouring with sweat. this is somthing unusual

for me as normally i just dont sweat. but this year esp i have been getting this.

please tell me its not just me, or at 35 not going through the menopause? is this an MS symptom ( good artical below)

I wish you all a happy and blessed christmas x


i get night sweats too.

this last summer being hot and humid was horrible.

invest in a good fan and a good ice maker.

there are various items on sale to cool you down.

cooling pillows called “chillows” sound great but i bought some to try.

you have to slowly trickle 3 litres (!!!) of cold water into the membrane.

very tricky to fill but they were lovely and cool.

hubby and i had a great night’s sleep and i woke up refreshed but in a huge puddle!

my chillow had burst

carole x

hi carole

thanks for suggestion. its so horrible to have this esp at the moment when im actually cold.


Hi Moo

What medication are you taking? When I was on Rebif I used to get the sweats, but it’s not been a problem since.


I dont think nightsweats are a symptom of MS. You could be perimenopausal, perhaps you should see your GP and discuss with them. Its not necessarily normal to sweat at night especially if the temperature is cool…i had the night sweats after my hysterectomy it was horrible…

or yes it could be meds.

I know the article you linked to mentioned night sweats, but in the years i have talked to people I dont think many have complained about it, certainly no men anyway, so do wonder if it is linked to hormones perhaps triggered by MS?