Hi all,

just wondering if anybody else suffers with sweating at night??

My hubby has PPMS and is taking Baclofen and Nortriptyline and at night the sleeping tablet Zimovane. He is suffering with really bad sweating in the night, not sure if its a side effect of one of the tablets or MS lol (you never do know lol)

Thanks for any replys

Sally x

Hello Sally.

Yes I do,its like my body thermometer is broken.I sweat so badly and it dont have to be warm out.Its like someone pouring warm water over me.Then I throw the quilt off as I am boiling,then the sweat cools and I shiver.Then put the quilt back on me but its so wet with sweat it has gone cold and wet.

I do buy a quality deodrant wich helps.


Hi Sally

Yes, I get the same problem as your husband, but I am not on any of the medication that he is on. Tends to be my chest and inside my elbows. Up at 2 AM (usual reason), then have to dry off with towel, and change pyjama jacket.

It seems to have no connection to the ambient temperature, the weather, the moon, or what I ate last. So, I can only assume that it is down to the MS.


I have terrible night sweats, often have to get up and change night wear. Because of my age; it’s all put down to the menopause, so don’t really get anywhere when I tell medics. Have been advised to take paracetamol.

Last night I put my ceiling fan on for an hour, it certainly cools you down.


I think it can be a MS symptom. I wake up pooled in sweat and have to towel off. It can be related to damage to the autonomic nervous system. I get very low blood pressure as well and this is also part of the autonomic nervous system.

I haven’t found much that helps :frowning: so can’t be of much practical help…


I had been having a lot of night sweats and my doctor suggested I try Clonidine and It has worked.



i have night sweats and don’t sleep very well due to always being too hot. i go downstairs where its a bit cooler and stand on the kitchen floor (quarry tiles) in my bare feet then when i get to feeling too cold i get back in bed and its lovely to snuggle down under the covers.

hey ho i assume it ms like most of the other fun stuff

carole xx(i’m feeling cold now so i’m going back to bed)

Years ago on another forum i was on we brought up night sweats and many people got them. Mine started in my thirties.

I finished the menopause years ago and I still get them. They wake me up on a night, it’s usally chest, neck and head and I get up meaning disturbed sleep.Last night we slept with the window open and it still happened. I blame them on my autonomic system.

Jacqui x

I get them too. Before this started I used to drive my hubby mad because I was always freezing. Now I have both windows open on a night and I’m still too hot. I’ve never linked them before. Xx