Excessive sweating at night. MS symptom?

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has ever suffered from severe excessive sweating at night were your whole body is soaked. Mine be’s saturated, minus my under arms. Legs etc? Its been going on a few months. Even if is cold at night? I am a/w diagnosis and have my review on 10th of April. Not sure whether to mention to my neuro or visit GP, as it may not be related? Any adivce appreciated.

Thanks RR25

Yes, I have very bad night sweats, and wake up soaking wet and cold. I think in my case it’s because the MS has caused damage to my autonomic nervous system (dysautonomia/autonomic dysfunction), which controls body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure etc. I would mention it, as it may be caused by something unrelated and ‘fixable’. :slight_smile:

Hi RR25,

It seems theres alot of us here suffering from severe bouts of sweating - particularly at night. Yes it can be MS related, as its a sign that your nerve endings are going hay wire, and your body is not able to control your thermastat properly. You should definately mention it to your doctor and Neuro. Bare in mind though, it could still be something else like , menopause ( if your a woman of course ), another illness, overactive thyroid, infection/virus, side effects of medication you are taking, wrong type of mattress / nightwear etc.

There was a thread only a few weeks ago about this, and most of the suggestions people gave included:-

  • cold showers and baths at night
  • wear loose natural fibre clothing (cotton) - man made night wear like satin/polyester can lead to increased sweating
  • face sprays that cool your skin
  • cooler fans
  • open windows
  • sleep on mattresses that dont make you sweat ( some are specially made to keep you cooler)
  • try ‘chillow’ pillow and mattress sheets that you put over your existing pillows/mattress to keep you cool all night
  • deodrant for excessive sweating - eg DRICLOR ( I loved this when I was in work, no more sweaty embarrassing BO)
  • Body cooler neck wraps / instant cold packs for hands (gel)
  • Change your duvet - ‘silk filled duvet’ can help keep you cooler
  • wear COLD socks - that have been dampened with cold water

There are many other ideas out there to help you keep cooler. I found a link that you might find useful. Some really wacky suggestions, like 'put your pillow in the freezer all day" ???

Good luck

Almond xxx

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m 24 so no menopause yet lol! I have two brothers who have a sweating condition of the underarms and get botox for it but they don’t experience all over body sweating. Its weird, I wake up in the early hours saturated. Then when I wake again in the morning I’m fine. I will add it to my growing list of possible symptoms and mention to him @ my app. Cheers guys x

Ive not got ms but I suffer excessive night sweats from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. So it’d pretty common in a lot of illnesses very simular to ms aswell sweet Poppy

I have not been diagnosed with ms and awaiting first neuro appt. however along with a mega list of symptoms, night sweats has been going on the longest started in 2010 when I was 30 had all blood tests, not menopausal etc. but waking up about three times a night soaking wet and having to change whole bed takes its toll on me physically and mentally! And my poor husband got to put up with this too! I’m glad I looked on this forum as I need all the information I can get I am not leaving this appt without answers been going on too long along with me being a robot! G.ps words not mine ha!

This has been something tha I have been going through for most of the year now. It isn’t every night and I just came to the conclusion that it is do with the run up to my period. Although I have had my suspicions this cannot be solely down to my period but didn’t think it was worth mentioning to my neuro - I have highly active RRMS. I do use a fan and tha somewhat helps - let me know what your neuro says/suggests :slight_smile: xx

hi. I was diagnosed 13 years ago and now 39. I am sweating like I was under shower… below my neck and all my body… all the blood test was normal. however my neurologist told me nothing to do with MS… I am sweating for like 6 months steady. it makes me nervous really :((

do you get any treatment? and which clinic is related for this?

Hi there. I have had night sweats for a while. I actually thought it was the start of the menopause. But it wasn’t. I was diagnosed about 6 months ago and was prescribed pregabalin for pain and leg spasms. It somehow has stopped my night sweats, don’t know how, but it has. I’m not suggesting it’s for everyone, or that a doc will prescribe it. But it works for me!