Night sweats...?

Hi Folks

Any of you suffer with these, regardless of heat/diet/hydration/aches/colds etc etc?

I’ve been having them for decades (but was only dx 18 months ago), but they’ve been getting worse recently and I’m not sure if it’s to do with the baclofen?

Hope you’re all well and excited as I am about the onset of Winter…



Hi CP, could be the baclofen. Have you looked on side effects on the user info?

I do get very hot at night… but not sweats. MS nurse suggested I get 100% cotton bedding and nightware… which I did and it has helped quite a bit.

Hope you find something that helps.

Dark evenings, Xmas ad’s (I already hate the John Lewis one with the penguins), flu jabs… yep it looks like that time of year again…

Take care… enjoy your evening. I know you’re not a Downton fan so you won’t have the misery of last episode of series…

Pat xx

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Honestly CP,

Window open, room kept cool, prudent positioning of duvet etc. Do any of them work? That’ll be a loud emphatic no. My bottom half and back need some level of warmth (as does the other half) but as sure as water is wet I wake up sweating like a pig around the arms and neck. Then I have to turn the pillow round ; not easy if one moves like a turning QE2. It is the result of having a parallel if contrasting internal bodily heating system. As Striker from the film Airplane says: “What a pi$$er.” It’s not just the cold I like-it’s Christmas and the warmth of malt whisky.

Hope you’re well. Steve.

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Good morning

I have been having extreme night sweats for some time now and i have found cotton bedding does help.

The thing that fustrates me the most is the sweat on the pillows, i have taken the colour out of most of them, however the thing

that has helped is a teatowel covered pillow, really does help, seems to keep my head cool???

I don’t know how it works but it has, i tried towels prior to that but they did not work.

I tried reducing my baclofen but it did’t work for me but it may for you.

I hope your feeling ok as you can, i have not been to good lately that is why have’t been on the forum lately.

Take care


Ah hot pillows!!! I have the answer.

I bought a pillow on Achica which has COOLMAX on one side. It’s a fabric that stays cool… and it actually works. It’s not really cold or anything, but it seems to stop the pillow getting boiling hot. I was forever turning my pillow over before I got this.

I can’t seem to get links on here… but put ‘coolmax’ into search engine. They tend to be a bit pricey but believe me, it’s worth it.

I’ve had a quick look and a few places do Coolmax pillow covers… that would work. Mine has coolmax on just one side and I never have to turn it over.

Pat xx

CP, I don’t want to scare you, but severe nightsweats was one of the symptoms I had when I was beginning my non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I mean severe, I would have to change my nightshirt and dry off with a towel. Given that a) you’ve always had them to some extent and b) several other people on this thread have reported the same thing then I think it’s an extreme long shot, but you might drop it into the ear of your GP at some point, if only to rule it out completely.

I feel rotten for mentioning it now, hesitating whether to post this, but due to various other things going on the significance of the sweating was missed at the time in my case, so it can’t hurt for you to be at least aware.

I am dreading the winter, full stop. Last year I had 9 weeks in hospital over Christmas and New Year and it has left its mark on me. Roll on the first bird song of spring!

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Hi CP,

I’ve be suffered with these for years…before dx I was told it was probably stress related but now I’m totally convinced its MS. I’ve tried all the usual stuff…cotton sheets, pillow cases and nighties, cool bedroom, sleeping with the window open, a duvet that’s about a 3 tog… I’m not saying they don’t all possibly help a little but I still wake up most nights with rivers of sweat running down my neck, chest and tummy. I’m for ever drying myself off and changing my nightie in the middle of the night.

I did once buy a chillow pillow but it was too cold…like all things MS very contrary. I do like the sound of the pillow that Pat mentioned though…I am going to look for one of those.

Although I don’t do well being too hot I also don’t do well being too cold and yet it can be minus 5 and I will still get them…I don’t actually have to be hot to get them…do you?

Best wishes,

Nina x

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