feeling hot

Since the start of my ‘event’ i have been feeling extreemly hot. I feel hot from the inside. Even the palms of my hands are hot. I am sweating so much at night even my ankles are wet.

Is this normal??



Hello Yvette,I went througth this in my 20’s and it was an issue, know how you feel. Only get it rareley now, so that good, replaced by other issues, I guess. But there is not much else I can suggest. I was normal for me to feel very hot and sweat even when the room was cool, sorry I cant be more help.

Hi Yvette x

I have suffered with heat/temperature intolerance for a while. In fact I reacted abnormally to any kind of temperature - hot or cold!

In the really freezing weather my body reacts as if it’s hot - intense heat & sometimes very dry - sometimes with severe sweating - I saved a fortune over the winter on heating bills!

Unfortunately i couldn’t sit in the snow in my nightie for too long as there was an obvious danger of hypothermia!

There is a tiny lesion on my hypothalamus which the doc says could possibly be causing it - also I have an enlarged pituitary gland - but they aren’t sure at all to be honest.

It started to ease when I started gabapentin and baclofen which helped a bit - although it could also be concidental with coming out of a long relapse - or it could have been the milder weather kicking in - whatever it has seemed to calm down to a tolerable level - as long as I try to keep a constant mild tempereature - hard in this hot weather I know!

Hope you get some answers!! 8) xjenx

I just signed in to ask the very question you did Yvette and and jens reply has really helped me , so thank you for that . I’ve been suffering for ages with extreme heat sensitively even in the winter I’m in a vest with a cold flannel on my neck , like you it feels like I’m burning from the inside out it’s a total mare . But recently my feet are that on fire it’s keeping me awake . So i too was wondering if its actually a normal MS symptom . Sarah x

It sounds like uthoffs syndroma (not sure if I spelt it right) but its quite common in ms and other autoimmune conditions. There’s an interesting fact sheet on it on the main ms society page which is worth checking out. There’s also a post on here the other day about it

My temperature control is all over the place (in fact it’s roasting outside and I’m under the duve with my socks on atm). Also suffer from terrible night sweats (not hormone related). I’ve been told I suffer from autonomic dysfunction (affects heart rate, blood pressure and temperature control). Apparently it’s ‘not common’ in MS but may be worth Googling. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys!

Have to say it’s a really horrible symptom - it’s utterly exhausting when it’s so intense and constant!!

Because it has been such a debilitating symptom for me I’ve had this one out with an endocinologist and 2 neurologists

I’ve ben told it’s not a ‘common’ symptom with MS but nevertheless it is a readily known symptom and not ‘uncommon’!

Heat intolerance or Uhthoff’s phenomenon certainly is a core MS indicator - ie the worsening of symptoms during excersise, hot weather, hot showers etc - before MRI’s etc they used to put people in hot bath’s and if their symptoms worsened with the rise in body temp then that would be enough to diagnose!

Auntimogs you are right that autonomic dysfunction is again not ‘common’ in MS but again they told me there are very strong links and many people with MS suffer with it x

With MS you can get lesions anywhere in the central nervous system and if they are in places that regulate body temp etc or interrupt the connecting nerves etc they are going to cause havoc - especially if they are in the hypothalamus, thalamus etc areas

It’s one of the things that really bugs me as some people just don’t ‘get it’ On top of everything I’m also going through the menopause so I regularly get friends saying ‘oh yes I get the flushes too, horrible aren’t they’! Eww!!! Screeeeam!!

I tend to try to switch off now as it’s really hard to get accross to them that what I’m experiencing is nothing like ‘menopausal flashes’ - I get them too - so I know the flippin difference!!

I find a menopausal hot flush starts differently - usually from the chest/neck up - I look ‘flushed’ when I’m having one and can break out in a sweat - yes they are horrible but most importantly a hot flush actually ends - it has a start & finish!

With the temperature intolerance it’s different - it’s debilitating - it’s constant - it’s intense - it’s from the inside - total body stuff! It makes you feel so ill and all the other symptoms worsen - in the night it wakes you up - disrupts your sleep - it makes you feel like you just can’t take anymore of it!! Sometimes while my body was behaving like this just my right foot or my hand would feel abnormally freezing!!

Anyway - I just want to say that I totally feel for you all! It’s a bloomin minging symptom!!! Unfortunately I have found no solutions to help you! xx xxjenxx

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This is reassuring to read. I’m not quite 40, had a hysterectomy just over 4 years ago after giving birth to my daughter and so am now having early menopause symptoms including hot flushes. On top of this, I’ve suspected MS for over a year. I saw my doctor then (not mentioning those two letters) who put me through various tests for balance and told me to keep a symptom diary. I’m now considering a further appointment as I notice that the recent heat as well as hot baths/showers tend to bring on dizziness, fatigue and ‘fuzziness’ - lack of concentration, poor memory, mixing words up. I’m hesitant about going back and not sure if I should just go right ahead and ask to be referred to a neurologist? There are a whole bunch of things happening, though mild, that keep on ticking the MS symptom boxes. Vertigo, muscle spasms, shooting pains, (mild)fleeting numbness…not hitting the right keys when typing…I think I’m having a relapse at the moment with all these small and mostly just irritating things happening at once. What should I do?

From what you’ve said there’s enough to ask your GP to refer you. It might not be the only route to take but it’s one that needs exploring. One of my problems is heat Intolerance and any exercise or hot bath and my brain turns into a drooling idiot!!. Trip over words, forget what I was talking about. I’m being investigated for MS and its worth checking out even if its for your peace of mind Mick

Thanks Mick. I called the helpline and clarified that it’s time to ask for a referral to a neurologist. If only I can get an appointment with a GP that I trust.I know I’m repeating myself from another thread but I’m just not sure if I should wait for the doctor I saw last year (and trust) or if it is now serious enough to just see any GP and try to get the ball rolling. Part of me is understandably resisting the idea of MS, another part of me is very sure that it is MS and is keen for a diagnosis. I think I’d like to just get on with accepting that something has changed in my body so I can adjust. I think this has been going on for a long time…it’s even tempting to link my body’s failure to right itself after giving birth…I just want to know why this is all happening to me.