Hot spots

I am coming to the end of my ‘episode’ now but in the past few days I have had a few strange new symptoms and don’t know if they are related to MS.

I feel sudden heat, usually in my face. Like my face is burning up or like I am embarrassed. Face feels real hot and does look red. Last night I felt intense heat in my knees. They felt like they were burning up. I had jeans on so didn’t bother to check but when I went to bed and got changed my knees were bright red. Today it has gone back to normal but felt it in my face again later this evening.

It just feels really intense and sudden. :confused:


I suffered with this also, it happens suddenly and you feel as though you are burning up, my face would go bright red and I really felt hot all over and would perspire. My friends soon got used to it as one minute I would feel cold the next minute I would take my cardie of as I was so hot. All that was said was ‘here she goes again’

It does ease up and hope this helps.



Hi, I got this last week. I think the shock of the diagnosis brought all my symptoms out in a flare. The first thing that happened was my face went on fire, I asked everyone if it was hot in the room and then joked about the menopause. Anyway my face is really numb now and I’d forgotten that I’d had that before. Hope you are feeling better today. xx

If other people can feel the heat coming off you then perhaps it could be erythromelalgia? I get it in my hands especially, but my face goes sometimes. Best tip for getting relief is to elevate the affected area. Not sure how you do your face though - bit tricky to elevate that!

Karen x

Thanks all.

Is it a symptom of MS or something completely unrelated?

Could it be menopausal? I am only 40 but my mum went through hers early - at about 42.

Hi, I get this, thigh’s, face, knees, feet, my Neuro told me it is nerve pain, unfortunaltely I’m getting it in my most private area, oh the joys of MS, good job I can still laugh about it, take good care, Jean x

Oooh, speaking of private areas, when the left half of my body was numb, half of that was also! Felt absolutely horrible! What a weird, weird sensation that was.