Hot burning face...

Hi, for the last few days my face has felt really hot, as if I have a high temperature, and it’s obviously flushed. I’ve had this before but not for so long, my hands and feet are their regulation freezing. Guess what the question is…is this another MS symptom?! I’m 41 and did consider the possibility of it being a hot flush but as there are no other signs of the menopause and, looking it up, hot flushes seem to last minutes rather than days it seems unlikely.

Any advice to deal with it would be very gratefully received, looking permanently embarrassed is, well, embarrassing!

Many thanks

Becky x

I used to get this really badly on the right side of my face, spreading down my neck and over my chest. My face would be scarlet and feel like a bad wind burn. It used to come on for no reason at all and last about 1 hour. I had it for about a year and then it stopped never to return (touch wood!) I put it down to MS but I don’t really know.


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