***!!!PlEaSe HeLp Me... HoT HaNdS & FaCe!!!***

Hi everyone, I hope your all ok and this horrid weather isn’t effecting you to much.

I just hope writing this tonight i may get some relief from this intense heat in my hands and from the neck up. It’s being going on for weeks now and i’m so so drained from not even being able to sleep because of it.

I feel like i will sontaneous combust, i think i could fry an egg on my hands and face… Is it a symptom of my MS? I’m just hoping that someone will say " I have these symptoms and these meds help or doing this will help…?"

Do i try and contact my Gp, MS Nurse or Consultant? Or is it something that they can’t do anything about?

Well i just want to say thanks for any comments in advance.

Take Care and Best Wishes

James x

Hi James,

I have had this in the past but only on one side of my face and neck. I looked like half a tomato.

I was taking meds for trigeminal neuralgia and I think they were responsible I now have in only very infrequently.

As to talking to your GP and MS nurse a definite yes – don’t know how long you would have to wait to see a neuro but you could potentially talk to a nurse in a day or two. You need some help with this. It def. sound neurological to me.


hi james yes it is a symptom of ms. I take pregablin to help me sleep through the pain of burning sensation in my hands. Back last year it felt like i had a hot nail stuck in both hands for 3 months. I also get it in my feet, it’s like walking on hot coals. I suggest you contact both they will help.

Contact your MS nurse, there should be something to help, almost certainly a neuro symptom.

My husband had a similar experience at one stage he described sensations in his leg that were as if water were being poured down. Really unsettling.

Hope you get some advice/treatment soon.