burning up about to go into meltdown

hi everyone i need some help i keep getting bouts of really high tempreture.feel like i,m so hot i,ll melt away.sweatpoursout of me these episodes makes me feel awful sickly and very tired .not good at the moment as i am going through a bad bout of nuero says its all the ms my internal thermonemetre is going wrong.dose anyone else suffer from this and if so any advice how to cope with it.this burning up is really draining me especially as its stopping me from sleeping which is something i really need right now.any help would be welcome

take care all of you xx

hi, well the first thought that came to me was;

are you female and if so, how old are you?

I ask cos it does sound very menopause-like to me.

If Im anywhere near the cause of your problems, then i imagine the docs done that too.

Are you diagnosed with MS? One of it`s symptoms is a broken temperature regulator.

I know I havent given you much of an answer and sorry about that.

luv Polllx

Hi, I too get this, at first it was just in my legs, feet, thenit moved into my face and now at times I get it all over, I am in the menopause, take HRT but this isn’t a hot flush it’s so different, I’ve also spoken to the neuro and GP about it and they both of the same minds, my thermo is going, so unfortunately even the the HRT I take wont help, good luck, Jean x

Hi Have a look at Uhthoffs syndrome…I have it and have really bad issues with heat…my nurse practioner told me about it. Another joy of MS !! Xx