Burning Up!!

Hello everyone,

Just joined and not yet dxed, but keen to see any similarities between any of us, symptom-wise. Everything I do, or attempt to do, however small, in however little time, like sorting home admin into files, or brushing my hair, …I just completely burn up! … and worst still , I stay like that for hours.

Its impossible, I’m not sure whether its just my nerves playing up, or the side effects to some of the meds I’m on. I take Gabapentlin, Targinact, Amytriplin, and Thyroxine ( Ive been tested and Im on the right dose). If these sweats are the ‘norm’ for Ms sufferers, then I’m dreading the Summer. (Thats if I have MS ofcourse) . At 43, Ive not yet menopaused but I recognise the signs, and the sweats and burning up I get now are brought on mostly by simple tasks/actions - not hot flashes. Im doing the sensibles… wearing loose cotton clothes, putting the cool fan on, drinking water, opening windows… I’m best when Im lying down doing nothing. Its so silly.

It seems that besides the pain and disabilities brought on by MS, its so difficult to do anything when I feel like I’m inside a microwave. My body tells me to stop, but my brain tells me I need the exercise. Guess who wins…

Any advice ? or ‘burning up’ stories of your own?

almond xxx

Hi Almond

i have been having the same thing since the end of the summer it started alongside another bout of optic neuritis and i am still having the same issue. Its like i reach a certain tempreture and just burn up! like you it can take hours to cool down again and along with the tiredness this is quiete difficult sometimes. I was diagnossed a few weeks ago and i am seeing a new specialist on monday i plan to ask more about this and i will post what i am told :slight_smile:

I hope this helps