Burning leg!


Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice!

I’ve had a relapse recently, it started at christmas and I was beginning to think it had passed, however, i’ve now got a horrible burning sensation in my left leg, thigh mainly!

It’s feels like i’ve got sunburn, but the skin is not hot to touch! It’s been keeping me awake for a few nights now as my leg feels too hot to be under the duvet, but its too cold uncovered!

My question would be this, is this still part of the relapse, or another thing altogether?

Any help will be greatfully received,

Thanks in advance,

Jen x

Should have said, it’s my 1st relapse since diagnosis in 2010, so still don’t really understand everything/anything to do with ms!

Hi we will never know for sure. But I do know this feeling well, have experienced it for years but never worked it out. It usually gets me if I have pushed myself too hard, bodies way of telling me off. It usually just disappears just like it appears. Sending you hugs, hope you feel better soon. Hugs Barney

Hello Jen

I’ve been overdoing things these last few days. Now, I have a burning type pain in my left leg.

As well as ms I have psoriatic arthritis…this is were I get confused about which condition is causing me pain Although, according to my rheumatologist, ms doesn’t cause you pain. He’s a lovely man but he’s starting to irritate me.

I’m primary progressive Jen, so I don’t know if its part of a relapse. Why not give your ms nurse a ring.

Take care…I hope you feel better soon

hi jen

i get burning legs, have done for years.

in my mind i see it as the faulty insulation on my nerves.

i often wonder if those cases of spontaneous human combustion were caused by this.

of course it isn’t but when i lie awake with burning legs my mind runs riot!

like barney says, it usually disappears

carole x

Hi yeah I have burning pain. Are you on any medication I’m on pregabilin and Amitripiline at bed time the pregabilin helped but since adding Amitripiline at bed time the bed covers aren’t a problem any more. I find if I’ve been inside and I go outside I get that burning feeling think it must be from going hot to cold

Hi I have this all the time. Try gabepentin I take a total of 1800 mg each day it really takes away the discomfort of it

Thanks for everyones responses

I’m not on any medication as I don’t want to take any until I absolutely have to, but this is driving me mad!

I’m going to see how this week goes, and if no better I will contact my ms nurse and see what she says!

Thanks again

Jen x