Burning sensation???


i am currently in between DMTS and now experiencing a burning sensation down my right leg. It’s like a loss of sensation as I can’t differentiate from cold or heat? Could this be a relapse ? Any suggestion s on how to ease this symptom ???

J x

rest, rest and more rest.

hope you get it sorted because this symptom stayed and never left me.

so get plenty of rest.

by all means let your neuro MS nurse know.

Oh gosh the wonderful i am on fire syndrome. I have it especially if i have overdone it. or its too warm. You can put a cold compress sometime it confuses the nerves so they calm down.it is probably down to coming off and being in between treatment.

like carole said rest, rest and a bit more. rest. xxx

Hello Jodie

It does sound like it could either be a relapse, or a reaction to coming off DMD A before starting DMD B. Or just possibly a symptom that’s just coming out and will either go on it’s own or hang about.

It could be a common reaction to stopping the DMD you were on before, and hopefully if so, will go in a few days/weeks. Or a rebound relapse that could take longer or need the intervention of steroids.

If it’s very painful, perhaps talk to your MS nurse about it. You could possibly take steroids for it if it’s only just begun and it seems to be making your mobility worse than usual (ie is a full on relapse). But discuss with your MS nurse.