New symptom?

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the forum as am I to MS, diagnosed RRMS a few weeks ago. I’m about a month into a relapse (only a month after a previous one), had loads of different symptoms, tight chest, arm muscle pain, sore legs, drop foot (I believe it’s called from reading on here), tightness around my neck, just to name a few! These have mainly seemed to level off and just left with leg issues and arm muscular pain along with fatigue.

Three days ago I started to get a burning sensation along one side of my right thigh, it’s comes and goes. My neuro said to contact if I had any new symptoms. Does this qualify as a symptom or am I just over thinking it and it’s not really related?



Contact them and let them know. It’s good at the start to get a baseline of symptoms. My feet have been burning off and on for 8 years now. I still check them and am surprised when they are cold. Let’s hope they go soon xx

That’s what I have been doing, I keep touching my leg and it’s not hot! It is completely new but compared to what else I have had it seems minor. My first which lead to dx was numbness/ altered sensation from the waist down. I think it’s just hard to know what is relevant and what is not. I seem never to be away from seeing my neuro and I hate to think I am being over the top of that makes sense, although it has always been something so far.


Welcome to the wonderful world of MS!!

Do you have an MS nurse (yet)? You could report new symptoms to him/her if so. Meanwhile, it’s probably a good idea to start keeping a diary of MS type symptoms. It’ll help later on if you can establish what happened and when.

Have you started a DMD yet? Or are you going to? Reporting of symptoms/relapses may make a difference as to what DMD you are offered.

But just don’t worry about how often you are contacting your neurologist. Its all important info that helps them to establish your symptoms and treatment.


I have had one app with MS nurse to discuss DMD’s and have follow up app the end of the month. My first app was the day following my diagnosis, so not a lot sunk in! After reading through the booklet I think I may be swaying towards tecfidera, not really sure but I do want to take some. My neuro also has mentioned about me being ‘active’ which may change things… ( not that I’m fully aware what that means)

It’s good to know and nice to have people to ask! I’ve never been one to even go to the doctors so keeping up with all of this and knowing what/ when to do something/ tell someone, its all very new.

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Hello Zim.

My main symptoms were of a sensory nature; things feeling kind of numb, but not truly numb. One of these little oddities also came in the form of a ‘hot sock’. My right foot, up to the knee, usually biased to the calf muscle, would burn like a cuppa tea had been spilt on it. not painful as much as just really noticeable and annoying. This had come and gone for years, never really lasting more than an hour or two.

Similarly, but not limited to a ‘sock’, is a buzzing sensation; like a vibrating mobile phone going off, but usually seeming to originate from deep inside my leg / torso / where ever.

These ARE symptoms of MS. These ARE worth making note of. But unless cripplingly painful or worrisome, i think you need to only take note of them; (making a diary of what symptom occurred when, how severe, for how long etc. is an excellent fundamental habit to acquire). Ensure to make mention of them when you visit your nurse (aka drug representative).

And Tecfidera is awesome. Highly effective (allegedly) and easily tolerated (genuinely).

Good luck!

Oh, and try not to be in a rush to get your head around what it all means… you will adjust and find a plan of attack soon enough, and it all starts by considering changing a few habits, diets, vitamin supps and of course, lovely drugs and doctor visits :slight_smile:

what you describe is a symptom of m.s. albeit not major one. No harm in contacting the m.s. nurse.