newly diagnosed with new symptoms

Hey im newly diagnosed and have been feeling a relapse coming on for a couple of weeks… this is different to episodes ive had in the past so unsure if its a replay or new symptoms for a new attack?

Yesterday i noticed that the right hand side of my body was hot and as if i had been leaning on the radiator, its also hot to touch and my left side is normal. This morning it is the same but i feel other symptoms that im use to too.

Also im waiting to receive my new meds.

so in conclusion i would appreciate it if anyone else could let me know if this is a new attack, if anyone else has had this and can i still start my meds if i am having a relapse?

thank you


I think you should report what it happening to your MS nurse/neurologist.

You asked if anyone had had something similar and yes, I have - leaning back in an office chair in 1999 and feeling as if the right half of the chair back had turned weirdly into a radiator was my very first MS symptom, not that I knew it at the time.

If your MS is grumbling a bit and making its presence felt (and it sounds as though this might be the case) then it is likely that your medical advisors will be all the more keen to get you on a DMD to quieten things down (as will you be, most likely!), but it’s their opinion you need, not mine.

Good luck.


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Thank you Alison!!!

I have had many other symptoms but they normally affect my left side so its just new to have them on the right. im always cold so having the warmth is not the worst thing in the world :slight_smile: I normally relapse for about 4 months and in fine for a month so i kind of knew i was due one but this is just a new sensation.

Ive just received a letter informing me that i cant go on Rebif as my bloods show minor abnormalities so i need to talk to the nurse anyway so i will inform her.

Should i inform the nurse whenever i feel a relapse coming on ?

Thanks again


Hi Hollie, I’m think that if you have any worries or new symptoms you should get in touch with your MS nurse - that’s what he/she’s there for. Take care. Julie x

Hi. Had my MRI results back and I have 2-3 lesions on my spine and some lesions on my brain but the neurologist couldn’t see them. The report says I have them on both sides of my brain. I’m being referred to the MS clinic as it’s them that need to give me a diagnosis. I think he was breaking it to me in the nicest possible way as I think he is 99.o% sure it is. Ah well let it try and stop me from doing things. Xx

Thank you for the advice everyone :slight_smile:

my MS nurse is calling me tomorrow so hopefully everything should get sorted then :slight_smile:

Chezy i got sent to the MS clinic and had to have another MRI so i could get it clinically diagnosed. I started having symptoms in 2014 so its took a while to get my diagnosis but now i feel so relived to finally know whats going on:) when are you at the clinic?

hope everyone is okay :slight_smile:


Hi Hollie. I’ve just been referred to the clinic, waiting on an appointment from them. I don’t want it to be but I’d rather it be diagnosed so I know how to fight it. I had my first attack in February 2014, my whole right leg went numb and burned. It was that numb that I burnt myself because I stepped in the bath right foot first. It lasted about 6 weeks and then for a couple of months where it was mild. Being feeling so tired for the last couple of years but clocked that down to working and having two munchkins. I smell smoke aswell when I’m nowhere near it. Second attack happened last October where my left index finger started to itch an pain radiated up my left arm and down the side of my chest. Couldn’t use my left hand for ages and it’s still numb isherwood now except for when I bend forward it goes through my brain,down my arm and into my leg. Get alot of pain behind my left side too? Are these common symptoms? I’ve started to get fit again hoping that will help. Xx

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum…and I’ll be honest, I’m scared stiff! I have been having MS symptons for months but when I think back, think I have had symptoms for years.

I Have an MRI booked 3rd April. I have been in bed for day with symptoms which seem to change daily! My fingers are constantly tingling, my left arm feels like someone has punched it, my left leg is heavy,I could go on… BUT I am stressing so much… I have had no reassurance from my GP… I am desperate for some positive words right now. Please x xx

H Lisady. Welcome to the forums. I’m still fairly new to this aswell and I’m still in limbo with regards to a diagnosis. One thing I will say is they don’t be negative about it all, easier said than done i know. Whatever the outcome I’m gonna fight it all and I will live a normal life. I think being positive can help even when ur being told that there’s nothing wrong. Keep smiling chick :-). Xx

Hey everyone

One thing i want to say to everyone and i know its easier said then done … DON’T STRESS!!! or at least try not to.

Stressing is only going to make it worse and make everything seem worse. I know it is all stressful and scary but to take some control back over your body then please try not to.

I found it helpful writing everything down and dating it all / keeping a diary. This way i don’t get flustered when im at an appointment and i know exactly what’s happened to my body, again this makes me feel like i have some control over things which i find important.

I too have had symptoms since 2014 if not earlier and only got my diagnosis 5th feb 2016 so i completely understand how stressful this is but everyone ive spoken too have had to wait a long time so your not alone. Also the limbo drives you mad! For me that was one of the hardest parts.

Ive had symptoms such as numbness, pins and needless, burning, memory loss, strength loss, balance loss … Last year i was paralysed for 6 weeks but didn’t regain all sensation fully for about 4 months but everything is pretty normally again now. I have a baby brother and i too couldn’t pick him up sometime which broke my heart when he wanted to come to me.

Now to end on a positive note… the burning down my right hand side which i spoke about in my earlier post… i was at the MS clinic on Wednesday and im not relapsing, they think its the damage that has been caused in the brain in the past is starting to heal. so because its still nerve damage trying to repair, that’s why im getting the burning. So… we can heal some of the damage :slight_smile: i think this is excellent news :slight_smile:

If anyone is in Merseyside or the Manchester area and want to meet up for a chat or to swap storie’s or just to hang out then drop me a message and let me know… i find being with people who understand helps me.


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