New Symptom

Good Afternoon All, Having a new symptom at the moment and just wondered if anyone has experienced something the same/similar. A dull ache, sensitive skin started on my left side, groin area. I now have the same feeling in my left foot, first my heel and now moved to the arch of my foot. The pain is a burning sensation and the skin hurts to touch and feels ultra sensitive. Also having sharp stabbing pains in those areas. I’ve had these symptoms for 3 days now and just wondering if its ms related? I’m still getting used to what is a relapse and what isn’t? Any advice will be much appreciated Thank you

It can be difficult to distinguish, can’t it?

I had precisely what you are having, 3 months ago. I found it very hard to describe but almost a burning/heat under the surface of the skin. It affected my left trunk (stomach towards extending to the back). A mix between pins and needles and as if you have recently burnt yourself there. It was also sometimes like having acid on the skin. It was worsened by fatigue and so was worse towards the end of the day.

A relapse is diagnosed as any new symptom lasting more than 24 hours. In my case, it lasted for about 3 weeks and then melted away, although I sometimes still feel a very specific ‘band’ of that sensation between my belly button and my back, about the thickness of dental floss and I can only really feel it when I’m tired and bending forwards.

The odd ways in which it works, eh?

Hope you get better soon.


Hello, thank you for replying That’s exactly how it feels, like I’ve burnt myself, very strange! Did you find anything that relieved it at all? Thank you

I didn’t at the time, but I spoke to an MS nurse afterwards and described it. She said that by changing the sensation, you can ‘reset’ the feeling. So by applying cold packs, e45, vaporub - something that changes the sensation, can help to ‘close the gate’ as she put it. I never did try it as it was never terribly bothersome, just an annoyance.

Perhaps you can give it a go and let us know!

Yeah i’ll give the vapour rub a go tonight and see if it helps. I’ll let you know if it does. Thanks!