Skin problems

Hi I’m having a weird symptom with my skin and was wondering if anyone else has experienced it.

My skin around my neck, chest, back and shoulders is so sensitive to touch. The best way I can describe it is that it feels a bit like sunburn, the tingly warm feeling on the skin, it hurts to touch it even clothes especially my bra feels like torture!

I did some googling as one does and came up with dysesthesias which I think it might be, if it is this would this be a relapse with it being a completely new symptom for me or just another everyday gift my ms has decided to give me?

Thanks for reading!


That’s an odd one too. I’m the same, having odd new things going on. I think it keep us on our toes lol. I can’t remember if I’ve had that what you’re having. I hope you’re alright xx

I had a tingly, flickering sort of burny and numb area on my left front thigh which is what initially sent me to the GP. After several weeks it changed into the sore, surnburnt type of feeling that you describe and I know that when I am out walking with a long shoulder bag that swings against it, it feels uncomfortable, even a bit painful when the bag touches that area, so it sounds like a similar problem.

I get sore skin, like you say just another MS gift. I find drinking lots of water helps.

Thanks for your replies.

My skin feels likes it’s on fire on my chest which has a weird red rash this morning, the only way I can get any relief is by putting a wet, cold wash cloth gently on it. Doesn’t take the pain away but it’s the only thing that slightly helps.

The pain is also on the front side of my armpit where my arm is touching my side and my knee joint and as I write this it’s going down my neck!

I will attempt to phone the ms nurse line tomorrow but with it being Monday it can be a bit hectic!

i will have no choice but to leave my bra off today but it’s not without embarrassment as I’m a busty girl who lives with two brothers haha, but if I tell them it’s MS related they will lose interest very quickly!


If there’s a red rash present today then I’d be inclined to think it’s not MS and would see your GP asap in case it’s shingles-and shingles on top of MS would require immediate intervention with Acyclovir