Burning skin sensation

Hi all hope your okay today. Woke up this morning and feel like my right hand side especially my foot, back and stomach is burning. Just want to no is this first sign of a relapse or is it just a flair up of ms symptoms. Also I just started fingolimod but didn’t have any side effects on the day of it so could this burning feeling be linked to that? Thanks

Hi I have this burning sensation, it was the first symptom I ever had. Most of it has gone and flairs up occasionally akthough i still have the sensation on my trunk…which seems to be worse at the moment, so think it may be the heat affecting it. Can’t say if its the start of a relapse, but if it stays more than 24 hours, it would be a good idea to speak to your nurse/gp. Good luck, hope it eases soon for you. Laura x

Okay thank you. Have recently found out that is likly to be a relapse Sorry for late reply Internet not been working. Take care

This is a symptom that I get most of the time in varying degrees. At its worst I have taken Gabapentin or Pregablin but these just make me feel zombified so I only take it if its stopping me from sleeping. I find keeping cool helps the best it definately gets wrse if I am too warm.

Hi I get this now and then and my MS nurse said it is one of the MS symptoms. I only get it on my left shoulder and the instep of my right foot. I am lucky they are just small areas.

Jaycie x