Body burning moan - again!! x


Morning all x

Can anybody help with this! I know I have posted about this before but nobody has yet said they get it this bad or this consistently - I'm looking for a 'partner in crime' who understands how bad it is and who has maybe got some answers!!! Trouble is I don't know if this is an MS thing or related to my enlarged pituitary gland xxx

Basically along with all the oher symptoms I'm having horrendous problems with my body temp (or perception of it) - I feel constantly, uncomfotably, dauntingly HOT - I haven't had the heating on all year and I sit with the patio doors open all day & night - even when the temperature outside is minus. 

It's affecting me particularly bad at night as it wakes me up - always at it's worst from 3-430 am.

Basically my whole body feels 'burning' hot - except for my right hand and my foot!!! 

My hand and foot feel the total opposite!! Like they have been 'freeze dried'! - it feels like my hand is the only part of my body that is feeling or feels the cold!!

I've had at least 10 blood tests over the last 18months to check my oestrogen etc levels - mainly to keep me happy as I have been convinced I'm meopausal - but every single one comes back with normal levels. Also the doctors all say that what I'm describing is not typical of the menopause 'flashes' either.

It's one of the BIG symptoms for me - the fatigue and stiffness are also constant and affect me badly - other symptoms are coming and going - but this 'burning' makes me feel exhausted - I feel liike my body is constantly in a state of 'OVERDRIVE' and its totally draining me x

Sorry guys! I'm in tears with it this morning - I thought I was coming out of this 'episode' but a particularly bad night last night has drained me - again! The 'toothachy' pain under my foot and around my middle is back so I can hardly walk and my left leg feels like it belongs to someone else!!!

But it's this abnormal 'heat' that's making me cry so hard!!! crying2


Hello, just to say that I have burning heat too.  So far my symptoms are mild but before 'dentists face' came on last week I thought I was having a menopausal flash and had to ask those around me what the temperature in the room was.  I suppose it makes sense for an inflammatory disease.  My step-mum has rheumatoid arthritis and she said she used to run her hands under cold water in the mornings to try and cool them down.  Strangely I'm thinking that I'm going to miss being hot as I'm a sun worshipper and take regular saunas (not a sensible option now) - perhaps for me this symptom will compensate (gotta try and grip some straws).  I'm thinking of you.  SB x

Thanks both x Sorry - I'm in one this morning I'm afraid xx

I've been looking for info on this fo ages - lot's of info on MS heat intolerance (which I also get) and of course loads on menopausal 'flashes' - but I just can't find many who describe what I'm experiencing - although I did find one thread on MS World that perfectly matched - unfortunately all the following posts went on to Heat Intolerances and the menopaus so I don't know if this MSer found nay answers x

There are also some papers - or rather abstracts from papers that refer to similar symptoms to mine in MS including something called Paradoxical Heat Sensations that almost 'hit the nail on the head' - but I can't access them from home xx guess  I'll just have to keep trying to cope with it xxxx



PS Hey Help - good luck with the neuro today - let us know how it goes xxx

Hi Jen

I just wanted to say 'Hi' & really sorry you're having a hard time again. I was so pleased for you that you had a couple of days feeling better - those times come as such a relief don't they - but unfortunately appear to be short-lived.

I probably get the opposite of what you describe. When I'm feeling particularly fatigued & unwell I get extremely cold. Last summer, on one of the rare days when the temp was nearly 30deg here in London, I was so cold. I was under my duvet + extra blanket & had two hot water bottles in with me!

These feelings are so bizzarre aren't they, but I can understand that having such heat all the time is really draining you.

I'm so pleased you have a Neuro appt coming up some time soon (I think?). You really need some help with all this.

Feeling for you and just wanted to send some ((((hugs)))) to let you know we're all here for you.

Bren x


Thank you sooo much Bren!!

I try not to moan but it's not easy when these things are so 'all consuming!!'

I know that there are so many people with so much worse to deal with than me - but at the moment I can't see further than my own nose!!!! xxxx hugs & sympathetic words appreciated big time!!! xxxxxxjenxxx

Big hugs coming your way. You are so lovely to everyone and hardly ever moan.

Things have been tough for you and even if people are worse off its you that this is happening to and its horrible. I get a similar thing as well, I have always been a cold person (Winter duvet in the height of summer) but now I feel like I'm going to spontaneously combust half the time!!

Taks care hunni and remember if you cant moan to people who understand then who else can you moan to.


That sounds awful!! I have had small patches (face and knees) of burning feelings recently but nothing to the extent you have. Hope you can get  to the bottom of it soon, or the docs can.

You are allowed to moan from time to time, it's OK.

Hugs to you



Hiya sorry your good times were so short lived. As nikinak said its the best place to vent frustrations especially as you never know, one day someone may hit on something you can do or try that will improve things.

It was an answer to someone else about times of taking amitriptyline that changed my life when I tried it.

Hang in there.



Being hot seems to be an issue for me too…especially through the night!!! I feel sort of like an inner heat and very fidgety which keeps me awake. Between that and the sore sharpness I get when going to loo in the night, I can sympathise.

Hope you having better day but remember u not alone xd
X x x