burning up nureo says its not ms

Went to see my nuero yesterday told them about the bouts of extreme high tempretures i keep getting.some times i just pour with sweat i feel like i,m on fire.also sometimes i am so cold that i shiver so much .wrap my self up with blankets hot water bottle anything to get me warm.everybody will be warm but not me or i can be burning up and everybody else are nuero told me this has got nothing to do with ms more likely to be an underlying infection such as a uti.i explained that i had been in contact with many other ms sufferers who suffer the same problems.still i was told its nothing to do with ms and really was treat like i was making things up to make my condition worse the it is.i don,t want to be worse then i am but i do want an answer to this own gp thinks its ms related .anybody had any joy with their nuero and this problem .would love to know if any nureo recognises this problem for being ms related.