Weirdest Symptom Yet


I just wanted to share this and ask if anyone else has experienced anything like it:-

I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2011. My symptoms are mainly numbness and stiffness in my hands and feet and a weak/wobbly left leg. I have also had some vision problems. I’ve recently started getting painful cramps in my hands and feet and sometimes I feel like my feet are wet when they’re not. So far so normal right?

Last night I was sleeeping on my right side. I woke up with the feeling that my feet were pointing backwards! An extremely difficult thing to do (if not a physical impossibility) but nevertheless I was convinced that I was lying on my right hand side but my feet were pointing left. I freaked out a bit and threw the quilt off to find that (of course) this wasn’t real, it was just my brain playing tricks on me. Once I had the evidence of my own eyes, my brain must have had a word with itself and the feeling went back to normal.

It was the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced. Has this happened to anyone else?



Nope, never had that but you have to admit there’s never a dull moment with MS :wink: That would be a neat trick if you could turn your feet all the way round!

I do now know what it feels like to levitate thanks to a numb left side. I once woke with the feeling that I was floating 2 inches above my mattress and it was actually quite a good feeling. I was almost disappointed when I came round properly and remembered that it was just the numbness playing up more than usual!

Take care

Tracey x


Not the same as you, but I am sometimes unable to tell which way

my feet are pointing when I am in bed…weird or what!

I am so glad of this forum, cos peeps on here understand, whereas

when you tell friends things like this, they look at you as though you

have just landed from planet Zog.

Pam x

Hello JZ, you said it yourself; the brain is playing tricks. I often have to remind myself that all body parts are intact and pointing in the right direction! This is quite useful if in close proximity to one’s wife. Best wishes.

hi jz

i once described my walking as feeling like i had camel legs!

my husband and friends raised their eyebrows and asked what i’d been drinking.

my lovely neuro didnt comment but explained it as hyper mobility in my knees.

yes we are are weird bunch!

carole x

I hear ya!!! I have no idea where my feet are when I am in bed!!! Sometimes i try and guess and when i look down I am always wrong!!!

Like you I also often get the sensation that when I am walking, I am stepping in puddles and that my feet are wet. Its unpleasant but then everything about MS is isn’t it?


Yeh, I often ask hubby where my feet are. Hell look at me as if ive totally lost it and say they are at the ends of my legs.

The feeling is that my feet are situated in a completely different way to how they actually are.

I look to check for myself too.

It happens a lot…when in wheelie, recliner and bed!

Fun init?

luv Pollx

Thanks for all your replies.

I’m relieved to know it’s not just me! People generally don’t have a clue what I’m talking about when I try to describe my symptoms. Why would they? It’s reassuring to know there are plenty of you out there who know what it feels like.

Thanks again


I thought I had a leak in the footwell of my car and took it to the garage and wasted some money to find it was my feet telling me they were wet when they weren’t!!! Nightmare

That sounds really strange my hubby gets some weird symptoms but has not had that one, he keeps switching every word he says that contains letter r with a w ,eg wabbit instead of rabbit, wunning instead of running,its also very strange as he has never spoke like this before.He also says wrong words and spoonarisms. xx julie

Hi, I have never had that sensation but I often feel as though I’m wearing socks, I feel as though my feet are uncomfortably hot and as though there is something around my ankle.

Hi Jake, I’ve had the feeling of a wet right foot an odd time when washing dishes although my ms is mostly on my left side. Other weird problems are strange lower l leg cramps, left h fingers go into a spasm sometimes when I rise from bed in the morning and a srtange l leg feeling that makes me want to move my leg every few seconds. John.