Feeling like I'm stepping in water

Ok so first thing first… I’ve recently had an extremely bad cold, which is rare for me, but 3 weeks in it has turned into a chest infection. I’m on day 4 of antibiotics from my gp and hoping to feel a bit better tomorrow except weirdly, today, every now and again when I get up off the sofa my middle toe on my right foot feels like I’ve just stepped in a wet patch - except I haven’t. Has anyone else had this sort of symptom? I was diagnosed in 2005 with rrms and I’m on my 2nd dmd (aubagio) with no progression for the last 2/3 years just pins & needles & the usual numbness. Thanks, Sharon

I have had very similar feelings i have had a feeling like icy cold water been pored into my veins from the top of my head.I was told by my neuro it was a sensory thing,yours sounds like a sensory thing too.Las time i was on antibiotics i got a weird feeling in my stomach for a few weeks.Infections can bring all sorts of MS symptoms on.

Back last year I had a crazy feeling with my right foot .

Sometimes when I was walking my right foot would feel like it had slipped away from me like on ice, it was nuts, I would be walking along and all of a sudden it would feel as if I had slipped on ice and I would throw my arms in the air to get my balance but I hadn’t actually slipped at all, my wife and anyone else near me would look at me like I was a nutter !

I would be standing there all locked up, arms spread wide out in the air with people looking and thinking “what the (removed by moderator)” is he doing" !

Thankfully this has now settled down.

I have to say, I really hate MS it has ruined my life, but there has been occasions when me & the wife have been doubled up crying laughing when caught in situations where the MS has taken hold and we are totally at its mercy.

The 2 of us trying to get a kingsize mattress down 2 flights of very narrow stairs that had a turn halfway down, and then out of my sons house was a sight to see !!

We started off screaming, shouting, swearing at each other, and then ending up creased laughing with me totally trapped under the mattress on the stairs face down not being able to move an inch.

Not sure if those tears running down my cheeks were due to frustration or pure joy at actually finding a moment when having MS was funny, as strange as that might sound.

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Yeah, it makes sense it’s a sensort thing. I’ll try to remember this to tell my ms nurse next time I see her. I have had some unusual sensory relapses in the past so it’s probably just that. Thanks Sharon

We do have some strange symptoms don’t we! Ha ha I was admitted to hospital once for strange spasmns affecting my right side & speech, a bit like an epileptic fit, but the week before I had won tickets to see Elton John at Highfield Road stadium before it closed. You guessed it the hospital wouldn’t let me out so I gave the tickets to some friends. They bought me a mug, which they broke on the way home (or so they said), I never did see the pieces!!! MS does ruin things at the most convenient times. Grrrr.

One of my first symptoms was feeling like i had a hole in my shoe, and was walking through slushy ice lol.

it is a sensory thing brought on by your cold i expect it can exacerbate or trigger off some weird stuff, once you feel better it will probably just disappear until your brain can come up with another weird symptom lol.

I actually felt I was walking on cold/wet bubble wrap. Even the physio had not hear that one. It’s a curious club that we are members of. M x

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Hello It is known as wet legs, technical term, by the neurologists. Used to have it about 5 years ago but now do now have it or more likely cannot feel it Bertie