cold wet feeling on leg?


Well, as it says above I’ve been having a strange feeling the last few weeks. The back of my thigh feels cold in one spot - I keep wiping it thinking I’ve sat on something wet. I remember having this before but it must have gone. Have aches in my back and legs at the moment and pins & needles across my neck and shoulders but this wet feeling was before anything else?

Hi, I have that sensation in my feet too.

I think this is what youd call a sensory` problem.

When I saw neuro in jan, she said I dont have sensory disturbance cos i could feel her touching my legs. i never thought of mentioning the wet thing.

Shes another one who says I dont have MS.

luv Pollx


I would question the neuro’s training as this is a typical sensory problem. I have serious sensory dystortion in a variety of areas and sometimes my thigh feels wet or I think I have wet myself and it is dry as a bone. You can find out more about sensory problems and the different nerve paths which will help you make sense of the sensations.

Best wishes