Weird warm feeling in thigh when sitting down


First time of posting and am just after a bit of advice.

I was diagnosed with very mild MS 20+ years ago but had been living with the very mild symptoms for many years before that.

Over the last few weeks I have been suffering with very cold feet at night and then for the last few days I have a strange warm feeling in the thigh of my right leg. (I noticed it when I got up to go to the loo in the middle of the night and the loo seat felt warm under that leg) but it feels normal temperature to touch as do my feet when they wake me with the cold feeling!!

Just wondering if these could be a relapse or not as I have never experienced it before.

Thank you for any feedback

hi annie

what is the normal procedure when you get a new symptom?

do you ring your ms nurse?

check that you don’t have an infection.

my mind has been blown at the thought of cold feet and hot patches being noteworthy!!

anyway hope it soon passes

carole x

Hi Carole

I don’t contact anyone when I get a new symptom, I just usually get on with it. I’ve only seen a Neurologist once since I was diagnosed over 20 years ago and that was when I asked my GP to refer me so I could see if my MS had progressed, which luckily it hasn’t.

The only reason I asked the question this time is because it’s a bit different to the numbness and double vision etc that I have experienced in the past.

Thank you for replying


Hi Annie

Not so much a symptom of a relapse - more a hint that your nervous system is not working quite like it should.

Some people get a feeling of cold water running down the outside of one leg.
Others get a feeling of warm water running down the outside of one leg.

If the peripheral nervous system is acting up, then temperature sensing and control is probably going to be a bit odd.

Advice given to me by a Neuro a few years back was simple:

  • If it lasts for more than a day - make a note of it.
  • If it lasts for more than a week - get on the phone to us.

This sounds like you should be on the phone (MS Nurse, or Neuro’s Secretary) anyway. The cold feet happen to a lot of people, so start with the leg, then mention the feet.


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Hi Annie, i get that its weird, like your sat on a heat pad? It is not burning but warm and i get feet like ice. Sometimes when I am on my recliner my feet are like ice, then my legs and i cant get warm although my body says i am warm. I have even taken my temperature thinking i have a temperature and its low not high.

Its really odd not painful odd, i get it in my stomach as well.

I agree with Doctor G, if it last for more then 2 days i would talk to your GP or nurse, it could be simply that you are coming down with something, or have a water infection brewing…but it is usually a signal that something isnt quite as it should be.

Big hugs. xxx

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