hot water feeling

hi, just a question,

for the last 3-4 days i have had the feeling of warm water being poured down my leg onto my foot and my ankle feels like its going to twist sometimes when im walking (kinda gives way) im never quite sure whether to go to the doctors or whether to just leave it and treat it as one of those things that is just another weird ms thing.

i dont have an ms nurse and when i do eventually get to see my doctor she tends to tell me that shes not certain and that its probably just another ms symptom. normally i have the sensation of cramp in my calf muscles and occasionaly my thighs and a tingling sensation which increases to pins and needles and pain as i get more tired.

when i last went to see the neurologist when my symptoms had increased from previously, she said it wasnt a new symptom and if i get a new symptom to go back, but if its involving the same bits of me its just not a new symptom.

just any advice on what to do,



Hi Lynn,

If you’ve never had it before, then I’m quite sure it is a new symptom, but whether you pursue treatment for it, or just decide it’s one of those things you’re going to live with is a different matter.

You may technically be having a small relapse, but I think it’s unlikely they’d prescribe steroids if the symptoms stay limited to just this. And if it were me, I wouldn’t want to take them anyway, unless things got a lot more serious.

I suppose you could have a word with the GP, and explain the neuro wanted to see you again if you had a new symptom. This may be a relatively minor one, but if you’ve never had it before, I don’t see how the neuro can get away with saying it isn’t new, even if it’s in a part of the body that’s been affected before, by other things.



Hey Lynn I’ve been feeling the water running down my leg again thought I was loosing it hehe but I think it might be to with the ms. Its the strangest feeling ever its happens a couple of seconds at a time for me. Your symptoms sound really similar to mine especially the pins and needles and ankle problem. If you ever want to chat just mail me I think I’ve had just about every symptom hehe. Hope this helps a little bit Tasha x

Hi, thanks for the replies. It’s weird the feeling of water being poured down my leg. To start with I even looked down to see if I’d spilt something. The feeling of my ankle giving way is more worrying. I’m just so busy at work at the moment, the last thing I need is to have a relapse. Any advice on how to stop it. Thanks Lynn

I had dropped foot for sometime and had to be careful as I could fall anytime but it did pass. Sensory symptoms with MS can be a real problem and no you are not going mad. The sensations can be wide ranging and disconcerting. I hate the feeling of wet skin and I still have to check just to be sure I am not wet even though I regularly have this. Sensory symptoms do increase when the temperature of my body rises and my balance worsens but I remind myself that there is always someone worse off. Best thing for me was to concentrate on living and doing as much as possible. It is too easy with this awful disease to continually look inwards. Neurologists have no idea what it is actually like not having experienced it for themselves and most are mainly interested in walking ability. I do a good impression of a penguin due to the sensory impact of pain in both feet and stiff tendons but I know that if I stay positive I am ok and can carry on living. All my friends know and now that I use a power chair to get about people are more understanding and in a lot of ways much better than wobbling along in severe pain. My ability to get about is limited but I get more done more quickly. I have great support form Brian which is just as well as I have an independent streek which can be negative at times. Concentrate on what you can do and don’t let the hyper sensitivity win. The odd curse helps me and I hope that you find your way of dealing with MS.

I get the water sensation, I have to keep checking my spc hasn’t leaked and I’m wetting myself!