Water running down my legs !!!!

Hey guys I have pins and needles , bugs under skin , tremor buzzing , goose bump patches BUT today I have had a feeling of water running down my legs !!! And I defo not wet myself before you ask ! Is this another ms thing ? It’s never happened before so didn’t mention it yesterday to neuro . I feel like a loon :confused:

Hi You poor thing - sounds like you’ve a host of sensory symptoms which are not pleasant. I get a crawling feeling up & down my legs which is most disconcerting. I think the tremor buzzing is the worst for me though, so I hope you’re coping ok with it. I think it’s worth jotting down symptoms & duration - I stick mine in my diary - so you’ve got a prompt when you speak to the neuro. You definitely won’t come across as a loon - they have heard it many times before & best you feel like you’ve covered everything thoroughly. Sometimes you might think isolated symptoms are relatively insignificant but I think they all contribute to the big picture of what you’re experiencing. Best Wishes Jane x

Hi, It’s a neuro symptom I’m afraid. I’m getting it regularly at the moment which isn’t great when you have a catheter and it could well be ‘water’. The weather seems to be making all my symptoms worse at the moment :frowning: As Jane said keeping a diary is a good idea. I hope it settles down for you soon Sara x


I don’t get all your sensations but I do get some of them. It was described to me that my wires to my brain were shorting out. I often feel the bugs crawling over me, and no I don’t have passengers, and sometimes I can’t even wear decent clothes as it’s as if I’ve been scalded especially my legs upper arms and back. That’s life with ms unfortunately. If it becomes painful they can give you medication which settles your nervous system down a bit, my gp helped me with Gabapentin. Take care and try not to scratch or kill your bugs in company or you may be given a lot of personal space. Take care.

Min x

Thank you both its so hard I feel like I’m going bonkers x

Hey we all feel like we’re going bonkers at times. Unless you suffer from a neurological disorder you have no idea how important your electrical wiring is. I was too embarrassed to tell my gp half of what was going on add I expected her to send me away in a little white coat with long sleeves that tie at the back… And I was a nurse, had read about all these illnesses but just never imagined my body could get so confused. You’re not on your own hon, and remember there’s always someone here willing to be there for you. xxx


Thank you min , it’s a comfort I can tell you my other half is great but doesn’t get it really and having no family doesn’t help . I’m just so frustrated I wanted neuro just to give me med and fix it ( what ever it is ? But deep down i know he couldn’t …waiting for appointments is the worst I think x Lei x

Hi I’ve had that water running down my legs thing!..weird you have to keep checking you’ve not wet yourself lol!’s gone now didn’t last that long! these things come and go all the time with ms?..Emma

Hi Emma , I’m not sure it’s a first for me :confused:

Hi, I also get the ‘buzzing’ in my buttocks and upper legs if I have walked quickly for a short while, also the running water and ‘insects’ and yes, I too ‘brush’ them off without thinking sometimes, and get some funny looks! Sue