Creepy crawly

Does anyone else ever get that creepy sensation that something is crawling over your skin?!? Last two or three days I’ve had it really bad and yet everytime when I look there’s nothing there!!

Oh yes, quite often! Unpleasant isn’t it? The last bout I had, I was constantly checking my feet as it felt like I had fleas or something similar crawling over them!! Yuk yuk It only lasted a couple of weeks thank goodness. Is it happening anywhere particular? Hopefully not all over?!! Sam x

Oooh yes, I get that. It’s really horrible, isn’t it? I get all over and am always looking to see if there’s something crawling on me!

Is this a recognised MS thing??

Yes it’s not nice at all!!! It started on the legs but spread to my arms and now my hand. As I’m typing this now my back!!. I’m sure my girlfriend will think I’ve got fleas!!! :-s

Purpldot. Not sure if it is or not but its definitely something strange going on which kind of adds to my other symptoms. Still no dx for me yet. MRI scan is on Sunday morning

I get that too, on my back, my scalp and occasionally on my legs. It’s not as common for me as the pins and needles or shooting pain sensation. My mum has complained of that crawling sensation too on and off for years. She gets really bad migraines and has suffered episodes of paranoid delusion so I’m inclined to think that the sensation is just nerves firing off randomly. I keep checking for insects or stray hairs but it’s happened enough now for me to usually think that it’s just my body having a short-circuit moment. Does scratching or rubbing make that sensation go away for you?

It’s almost kind of like a ‘here I am, now I’ve gone’ situation. I feel the movement and then when I go to look it stops!!. Frustrating I get quite a bit of pins and needles but this seems to be getting more regular now

Yup, it is frustrating. All these odd little sensations can be worrying. I’ve been told before that anxiety can create these symptoms but the only thing I can think that I’m anxious about are these symptoms…Catch 22. They can be so fleeting in themselves. I’ve had a sensation in my upper arm several times, spread over years come to think of it, that feels like someone is prodding me with their finger. I’ve usually been by myself.

Yeah they can make you feel anxious. I did have a period a few weeks back when I was panicking about what I would do if it IS MS but now I’m quite relaxed which was why these tickly bits stuck out Just hoping I can get a dx one way or the other soon and then move onwards and upwards :slight_smile:

Same here but I’m only at the bloodtest stage.Feels like it might be quite a journey.

Yeah. Well my brother and dad went through it and they both took 9-ish months to get their dx’s. I’ve been lucky that my GP considered me urgent and pushed through the initial neuro appointment. Now it’s just down to me bugging the neuro’s secretary for the results in two weeks time to see what’s what hopefully Here’s hoping you get sorted soon :slight_smile:

I get the ‘prodding’ feeling sometimes, too! This is usually in my back or on my shoulders, and I look round to see who’s there!

I have my first Neuro appt in 3 weeks, following an abnormal brain MRI, but have been ill for over 20 years. Am really hoping for some answers soon, but am not holding my breath! One minute I think I definitely have MS, the next minute I’m telling myself off for being so paranoid and convincing myself I don’t have it!

At least we have each other to keep us sane on the journey

Fingers crossed for you with your neuro appointment then, hopefully you’ll get some diagnosis and progress with your illness Even if I don’t have MS I am so glad to have signed on here because you’re right, we’ve got everyone here to keep us from going completely bonkers while we’re on this journey :slight_smile:

Good luck with your appointment, Purpledot - hope you get answers. I’m glad it’s not just me who gets prodded! It’s good to have company on this strange journey. Feels good to be able to express all this as much as I need to. Hopefully I might have a few useful things to share along the way. I’m interested in holistic therapy and love authors such as Louise Hay. I’m always looking for healthy ways to feel good and I do like to share.

I’ve had an itchy, something crawling on me feeling on the same patch on my back for over two years now. It comes and goes, usually for a few weeks at a time and can last for several hours. Scratching it only helps while I’m scratching and then it resumes again as soon as I stop!! I’ve also recently started getting the feeling that ants/spiders are crawling up my legs, usually just above the ankles. And sometimes it feels like they have bitten me! A sudden sharp pin prick type of feeling. The joys hey?

Haha yes joy!!. I think that you’ve definitely got it worse than I have!! Yes I’ve had the pin prick/bitten feeling too!. Glad it’s not just me!

I’ve had this once. It was years ago before I was ill & then subsequently diagnosed with MS. I was laying in bed & felt what I thought was a spider run up in the inside of my leg from ankle to top I’ve have never jumped out of bed so quickly then spent the next 10mins looking for some creature in the bed but never finding anything. Now all makes sense

Yep that’s what I’ve been doing!!. A few flies have got in through the window and so I thought they’d landed on me!!!. It was only when I had crawling sensations under my clothes I realised they couldn’t be doing that!! (Or at least I hope they couldn’t!!!) :-s

Hi Guys!

When talking to my consultant he told me that the crawly, prickly, flea-biting senstations I described are simply another type of pins & needles

Pupledot - he also explained that the really odd sensation of prodding/poking in the back (yes I get this too!) is a deep muscle twitching/spasming/fasciculating x

Hope this helps put your mind at rest that these horrible invisible insects and prodding ghosties are not really there! xxjenxx


thanks for that!. least i know i’m not crawling with fleas or mites now!! :slight_smile: