crawling sensation on skin

Hi everyone,

I have been online again, looking up this and that and found another symptom that I have had. A bit embarrassed too, but, is having crawling sensations on your scalp/body something that anyone else has experienced. A good few months ago I was convinced I must have caught head lice! I bought lotions and potions and combs and kept treating myself, but still, the itching continued.Then it went away and haven’t felt it for a long time.Today the feelings are back again, thats how I came to looking it up and finding out it too can be neurological. It is the least of my worries symptoms wise. I am just intrigued and would like to hear from others.


I also have the feeling of ants crawling on my scalp and face and sometimes other parts of my body. Like you it’s the least of my symptoms that bothers me x

Thank you.

I have received my appointment date for next tuesday so hopefully will get some answers from the MRI. I know its not a major symptom, was just annoying. Was so pleased I hadn’t caught anything!!

Andie x