very odd!

Morning everyone, this may seem an awful silly thread, but Im a bit perplexed I have been experiencing a very odd sensation on the top of my head, just left of my crown. It feels like something is crawling in my hair, but only in that place!!! I was so paranoid yesterday, I made my daughter check I didnt have “friends”!!! After assuring me I havent, I am no better off!!! Ive had it for nearly a week & its getting annoying anyone else had concentrated sensations like this? Its just in the one spot, I know Ive got long hair, but I figure that if it was a spider, it would have certainly suffocated by now! Sorry if this sounds silly! Be grateful for any ideas & yes I do wash regularly !!! Tracey x

Yes Tracey. I have had something like this.

It was like I had walked into a spiders web and felt like it had left bits on my face. I kept wiping away what felt like spiders web but there was nothing there. It lasted about a week then just disappeared. Hope yours disappears soon.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

These odd sensations are so annoying. I often get that spiders web feeling on my face. Also when I’m in bed at night I feel as though I’ve still got my glasses on. Even when I’ve checked that they are not there I can still feel them on my nose.


Had same thing. Just went away after a couple of days. Thought I was going mad too as kept trying to wipe something away that just wasn’t their !

Oh thank you Shazzie & Jane, thought I was imagining it! Its the maddest thing, isnt it!!! 1st for me this 1, just when I thought this “lovely” condition couldnt get any more profound!!! Tracey x

occasional patches of ants having a break-dance party on my skin? check.

more of a tickle than a pain. i count my blessings.