Crawling Sensation

Hi everyone

I have woken up this morning and my Optic Neuritis has flared up. I have got the usual numb heavy feeling around the eye as well as the visual symptoms but this time I have got the horrible crawling feeling around my face as well. Horrible.

Has anyone else had this when their ON plays up.

I am waiting for my MS Nurse to call me about it and will let you know what she says.

Take care

Shazzie xx

Oh you poor thing Shazzie, hope your MS nurse comes back to you quickly.

I have long hair and sometimes I ‘feel’ like I’ve a loose hair fallen on my arm or torso say, and it’ll go on for hours, even after I’ve changed clothes etc. so I kind of get the crawly feeling and wonder if that’ll always be there for me know ick

Take care hun and hope you bounce back quickly

Sonia xxx

Hi Shazzie

I’ve not had that sensation on my facy but I have had it as part of a relapse on my legs and torso. It felt like ants crawling all over me.



Thanks for replying Sue.

It’s horrible isn’t it? Like you say feels like creepy crawlies on you.

I thought a spider was crawling on my face but it wasn’t. My neuro told me that my optic nerve was badly affected so I guess that’s why I have the sensation on my face.

I keep looking to see if I have got a hair on my face. Be glad when it goes!!

Thanks again for replying. Hope you are doing ok.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie, I get the sensation that my hair has fallen on my face, even when I know it is tied back and definatly hasn’t and as Sue says that crawling sensation, I get it on my left leg and foot, it’s like lots of ants with sharp jaggy feet running around just under my skin, it goes byond uncomfortable and becomes sore…horrible :frowning: Jools X

Yeyyy!!! Sorry to sound so excited. But it has been driving me bonkers and it is good to hear that I am not the only one that has had it on my face!!


I’ve started boncing Sonya. Like I said above to Jools I am so excited that it is not only me.

Thanks sweets xxxx

I meant Sonia - not Sonya!!!


Hi like you I get this feeling but I get it on my arms and I sometimes scratch and scratch that I have broken the skin and am slightly bleeding Hope you get a rapid response from your ms nurse Heather

The sensation on my face in kinda tickly, annoying, but on my leg and foot it’s sore! :frowning: Jools X

cant believe it , also have this on my face. drove me nuts contsantly brushing away something that wasnt there. didnt associate it with ms . x

Hiya. Glad I posted then. I wasn’t sure whether it was an MS thing or not. I feel as if I have walked into a spiders web. Have you still got it Serina?

Just heard from MS Nurse. She wants me to see how it goes and if it is still there tomorrow to give her a ring.

Shazzie xx

not got it now shazzie, let us know what MS nurse says x

Mine seems to be easing too. Probably cause I stopped worrying about it once you lovely people sent me your reassuring replies.

Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

When I speak to my MS Nurse tomorrow I will ask her about it and then let you know what she says.

Thanks for your help Serina. I really appreciate it.